Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tuesday Tales – Finger

Welcome to this weeks edition of Tuesday Tales to the word prompt finger. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are all enjoying my new tale.

 Pia placed her bottle of beer and hotdog on top of the dugout. Looking at Lorenzo out on the field warming up his pitching arm, she couldn’t believe she was sitting in these seats, so close to the action on the field. She couldn’t resist taking a picture and texting it over to Lisa. Lifting her hand she counting on each finger: four, three, two, one.

 Her phone rang. “Hello.” Pia heard Lisa laughing. “Bitch.”

 “Thank you. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist taking the picture.”

“How did you manage that seat?”


 “I can’t believe I am still stuck up here in the freaken mountains, and you’re sitting there in the best seats in the house using the dugout as your snack table.”

Pia could still hear her friend giggling on the other end of the phone. “When are you coming home?”

 “I have to tie up a couple of things. Hopefully I’ll be home in a few days.”

 “Hurry up.”

 Pia slid her phone back into her pocketbook, and turned her attention back to the playing field. Batting practice was over. Lorenzo stood by the right field fence working his way toward her signing autographs for the fans.

The stadium quickly filled up. Tonight’s game would be crucial for the team to win in order to stay in the wild card position. Lorenzo finished signing autographs and jogged back to the dugout, stopping in front of her.

 “Can I have a good luck kiss?”

 Before she could answer, he brushed a kiss along her lips, and then walked the dugout steps.

 Three hours later, Pia waited in the private restaurant for Lorenzo along with other players’ family and friends. The game had turned into a living nightmare. By the end of the third inning, they were losing eight – nothing and Lorenzo was taken out of the game.

Her heart went out for him. She knew he wanted to make a good appearance, especially with this being the first time she saw him pitch in person. When he was taken out of the game, he glanced over at Pia with a long face. Pia gave him the thumbs up and blew him a kiss. His lips slightly curled up with a smile while he walked down the steps into the dugout.

“Hi Pia.” He kissed her cheek and sat on the bar stool next to her. He waved the bartender over. “I’ll have a glass of Pellegrino water with a twist of lemon and lime.”

 “No cocktail?” her voice rose in surprise.

 “Nope. Never after a bad game.” The bartender placed the glass on the bar and poured the water in. He took a sip. “I got a cortisone shot in my shoulder after the game. Believe me, I’d love to be taking a few shots of tequila after s horrifying game like tonight’s.”

Pia thought for a moment. There was really nothing she could say, but knew she had to say something. She sighed. “It happens.”

“Yes it does, but I don’t want to ruin tonight.” He slid his chair closer to hers.

 “I loved the seats,” she giggled. “I’ve never sat that close to the field. I hope I can visit those seats again.
Lorenzo leaned his arm behind her chair. “I’d like that. I promise you next time it will be a better game.”

 “I enjoyed the game.” Pia leaned back in her chair, feeling his arm against her shoulder. “I love that I was able to see the sweat droplets on your forehead.”

 Lorenzo’s eyebrow flew up. “Are you flirting?”

 Pia shook her shoulders up and down. “Maybe.”

 He chuckled, stood and reached his hand out to her. “You like steak?”

 “Yes I do.”

 “Perfect. Then Peter Luger’s here we come.”



  1. Being in the UK I know little about 'the game' but you sure brought the atmosphere to life in this scene.

  2. We're talking baseball right. Well I'm hooked. Love the post.

  3. You certainly have the feel of a baseball game down pat! Well done.

  4. I really enjoyed this. I quickly got "caught up" in the scene. It was as real as if I were there. Great job!

  5. I love the relationship between Pia and Lisa. It reminds me of my relationship with my bestie.

    It's great how Lorenzo is a good example on how to be after a "losing" game. Steak it is.

  6. Love this budding romance, Karen! And I love that he's not perfect and didn't pitch a good game. You've hooked me.

  7. Love the story and their interaction.

  8. Great dialogue, Karen! Love the excerpt :)

  9. Sounds like the start of a hot romance. Great descriptions.

  10. I love this story. I grew up going to Met games and would've love to have a player kiss me on the way to the dugout. That is too cool.

  11. I like the fact that even after a bad game, he still wanted it to be a nice evening with Pia. Now he's a keeper.

  12. I envy her seats and the attentions of a baseball player. I'm a sucker for sports themed romance.