Monday, January 07, 2013

Tuesday Tales – Gift


 Welcome to this weeks edition of Tuesday Tales. I hope everyone had a happy holiday season.  Now, it's a New Year and so are the twists and turns in my tale.  Last time we left off with Larry giving Pia something to think about.  A secret that has been buried away for a very long time.  Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, latte, tea or a cocktail and enjoy.     


The whole drive home, Pia’s mind raced in all different directions.  Twice she had to pull over to blow her nose and wipe her tears.  This had to all be a dream.  She didn’t believe it four years ago and she didn’t believe it now.  That’s why she never took the time to check into his allegations.  She never had a reason to, until now.

Lorenzo had been the missing link in her life.  Whenever he surrounded her, she felt alive and extremely happy.  But if what Larry implied was true, then she had just gotten the screwing of her life.

Her car screeched to a halt in her driveway.  Pia didn’t even remember driving home.  Every time she put the key in the door, they fell out of her hand.  Her nerves were starting to get the best of her.

Pia walked up the stairs up to her bedroom two steps at a time.  Dropping to her knees, she pulled out the stepstool under her bed.  Setting it up, she reached on her tiptoes to the top shelf of her closet, where she removed a black metal box.  She stepped down and placed the box on her bed.

“Now where did I hide the key,” she said out loud, while opening and closing the drawers of her triple dresser.   Pia directed her attention to the nightstand on the opposite side of the bed.  Sliding the drawer open, she searched through the papers and gift boxes. 

A small white box with a purple bow caught her eyes.  Opening the box, she took out another purple velvet box out.  Under the velvet box sat the key to the metal box.  Did she dare open up the ring box?  That memory she had filed deep into the back of her mind, not wanting to open it up.

Pia took the velvet box and key to the opposite side of her bed.  She slid the key into the lock, turned it and the box opened.  The last time she had opened this box or looked into the ring box had been close to two and a half years ago.

Slipping through the box, she stopped when she located the yellow envelope.  She removed it from among the other assorted envelopes and closed the box.  Before she looked at anything she needed to have a glass of wine.  She needed to totally relax her mind and body before she started.

After walking around procrastinating for over a half hour, she finally sat down on the couch and placed the items on her lap.  The minute she opened them, she knew the nightmare would resurface, the one she still didn’t believe.

Slowly she flipped open the purple velvet box.  A little over a carat diamond engagement ring and gold wedding band stared right at her.  Pia placed the box down on the cocktail table.  Next, she picked the envelope up and slid out the paper, the one she refused to look at on that rainy day over four years ago.  It never really mattered before, but since she met Lorenzo, the truth would be essential. 

Pia closed her eyes and opened the paper.  With her hands shaking, she slowly opened her eyes and read the heading, Certificate of Marriage in the state of Nevada.



  1. MJP. Find that you make your writing very interesting to read.

  2. OMG!! You have the nerve to take us right up to the edge and leave us there!! The tension and suspense are terrific. Was she married and to who? And why are the rings in the box? I've got to know. Can't wait for next week. Beautifully done, Karen!

  3. Talk about tension. This is great. I hope she can resolve this before it's to late. Nevada marriage-Nevada divorce.