Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt


Welcome to this week's Tuesday's Tales.  This week, Pia is thinking back to when Larry and she had regular business meeting four years prior.

Pia sat on the cushioned window seat staring out into the valley.  Larry had been asking her for months to join him on a weekend getaway in his house upstate New York.   Finally, she gave in and insisted they use the weekend to outline the expansion of their small closet size office into a free standing building on Hylan Boulevard.  While Larry walked across the yard in the snow to replenish the wood for the fireplace, Pia watched, second-guessing her decision to join him.

She had met Larry in a business class in college.  They started talking and hit it off when they realized they both wanted to start a real estate business.  After his persuasion, she decided to join forces with him.  She had the business sense and Larry had the collateral to get the business up and running.

Their relationship had been strictly business like until the last business trip.  Pia had gotten the feeling Larry was looking for more than just a business partner, and this trip he exposed his motives.

When Larry fell with his arms full of wood, Pia threw on her boots and coat and worked her way in knee-deep snow to help him.  She reached her hand out to help him, and he pulled her down into the snow, kissing her, being playful.  Pia scrambled to her knees making her way back into the house with Larry calling after her.  

Once in the house he apologized, saying he got lost in the moment. Their business relationship had remained strained for months, until he apologized for acting like a jerk.  They continued to go on weekend getaways to discuss business.  It wasn’t until she agreed to go to Vegas with him, that things got out of control.

Coming soon:  Mystical Wonders - Circle of Friends


  1. Good background information on Larry and his motives. Nicely done.

  2. I agree and would like to add that Larry's a scumbag, then and now.

  3. I love the playful way he pulls her into the snow, even if he is a jerk. Now I can't wait to read about what happens in Vegas.

  4. MJP. So happy that Pia is more than one step ahead of Larry in the snow.