Monday, January 21, 2013

Tuesday Tales - Package

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales.  I hope everyone had a wonderful week.  Here's the continuing story of Pia.

Larry had gotten them a package deal to Las Vegas.  He found some prime real estate he thought they should invest in.  “Let’s face it,” he had said, “New Yorkers either retire to Florida, Pennsylvania or go to Las Vegas.”  Larry had been persuasive, and Pia had agreed to accompany him just as long as they had separate rooms.

The first three days of the business trip was flawless.  They both looked at the dozen different properties, but Larry decided against making the investment.  Right before they got back into their rent a car, Pia watched Larry hand the tall red headed real estate agent a fifty dollar bill.  He whispered something to him, that she didn’t hear before he got into the car.

“What was that all about?” Pia asked him when he started driving back to their hotel.

“Nothing.  What are you talking about?”

“I saw you hand him money.  Why?” she pressed.

“To be honest,” he touched her knee, “he had gone out of his way to show us these houses.  I just wanted to show him my appreciation.”

Pia knew he was lying.  But it wasn’t worth fighting with him since they had another three days left.  If anything, she planned on sitting by the pool with the cocktails coming until she told the waiter to stop bringing them.

Larry had joined her by the pool.  They spent the afternoon, taking in the sun while drinking Bahama mamas while discussing what they were going to do during the next few days.  Throughout their whole conversation that afternoon at the pool, Pia felt Larry had something up his sleeve, an ulterior motive behind this trip. 

There was no hiding that Larry took their business relationship, friendship more serious than she.  A few times prior, Larry had asked her how she felt about bringing their relationship to another level.  Pia always said no.  Mixing business and pleasure had always been a no brainier.

That night, they agreed to meet in the hotel lobby and do some sight-seeing at the other hotels.   They had a lovely dinner, and then began their journey from one hotel to the other, stopping at the casino to play a little and enjoy the free cocktails that the waitress’ dressed in short skirts served while they played.

It took them closer to five hours to visit three of the hotels.  When Pia asked him if he would take her back to her room because she was started to feel light headed, he agreed, but only after one more stop.

That stop being the one she had blocked out of her all these years.

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  1. MJP. Leave it to Larry, he's always up to surprising Pia in more ways than one.

  2. Okay, so what is the one stop she's been avoiding? You hooked me right in here. Love this story!