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Tuesday Tales - Midnight Encounter

Welcome to my first post to Tuesday Tales. This week’s prompt is Midnight. I thought it would be fun to start with an upbeat scene. I’d like to thank Jean Joachim for telling me about this wonderful group all the hard work she has put into it. Midnight Encounter Alexandra Scaronni pulled her car over to the side of the road. In the dark she searched through her pocketbook until she found the directions she had hand written earlier. Just looking at her surrounding, she knew she had made a wrong turn around a half hour ago. The directions read make a left at Greenpoint Road and a quick right down the winding road. Tonight she had to make certain she arrived on time. Once a year the harvest moon made an appearance and this year, the sky was clear and the moon orange. This annual rendezvous took place once a year for the past four years. This year would be their fifth anniversary and she had a feeling that it would be different. Billy had been quite secretive about this advent

Sunday's Dance

I still can't believe that all this positive energy is coming my way. I am so absorbed with happiness. I've even got an estimated release date of February 22, 2012. The happy dance is still going on over at my house in Staten Island. But now that I have a release date, I am excited about getting the word out there. Now the challenge is on. I'm looking for a unique way to promote my book. I look forward to sharing with my work with the readers, meeting them and getting their feedback so that my next book is something that they will be looking forward to reading. I do have another two books in the works. One being a romantic suspense and another being a mainstream women's fiction. But before I do that, I want to share tidbits of my novel during 6 sentence Sunday and Sweet Saturday samples. I am working on my short story for Tuesday Tales and I'm really looking forward to sharing that with all of you. Hope to see you on Tuesday. Stop by and leave a comment on

I Got the Call

I am still doing the dance. I got the call last Monday along with a publishing contract from Secret Craving Publishing. I am still in shock. It's hard to believe that after all these years my dream of becoming a published author have come true. I never thought I would get the call. Now that I have, I'd like to thank Romance Writers of America for leading me down the right track. I have learned so much since becoming a member over six years ago. I also would like to thank Tanya Goodwin, my critique partner for all her "suggestions", which were always right, and for the brainstorming sessions that took place over the phone. I am going to take you on this wonderful journey with me. Along with my daily walk on the South Beach Boardwalk in Staten Island, New York.