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Tuesday Tales - Word Prompt: Town

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales. It feels good to back. I'll be continuing the story of Jill and Robbie. Here you go... Robbie spent the rest of the afternoon making lasagna with a meat sauce. He wanted to impress Jill with his culinary skills or lack of them. He went into town to pick up cake at the Italian bakery and a bottle of champagne. By the time he finished putting dinner together he was ready for a nap. Why did he find the need to impress Jill? He had gone out with so many women, with most of them throwing themselves at him, but not Jill.   That’s why he offered her the cottage. But truthfully, he figured having her close by would be the perfect way to get to know her better. Grabbing his coat off the kitchen chair he slid it on and walked outside. He walked around the pool and through the wooded cobblestone path, which led to the cobble stone cottage. Robbie had surprised himself when he heard the words spill out of his mouth