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Tuesday Tales – Sand

    Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales to the word prompt sand.  Thanks for stopping by.                                             Lisa took the envelope out of Pia’s hand.   Sliding the paper out, she held it between her fingers shaking her head back and forth.   “No way.”   Pointing at the paper, “Are you sure?” “Sure as a hell, down to the raised seal.” Pia kept her eyes on Lisa as she ran her fingers along the raised circular seal.    “Damn are you screwed.” “No kidding Sherlock.   That’s why I need your help.” “I don’t understand how this happened and why you would wait four years to address this?” “I know. I just didn’t want to accept it.   I filed it into the back of my mind.   I didn’t want to believe I could be such a fool to let Larry trick me into marrying him.” Pia sat down on the sand colored sectional couch in the living room, covering her face with her hands. “Don’t even go there with that crying shit.   I need to know all the fac

Tuesday Tales - Spider

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales to the word prompt Spider. Pia has gotten herself into some situation.  And it continues... Pia’s heart palpitated as she ran to her car. The two envelopes dug into her butt cheeks so badly, she had to pull over a few blocks away from her house.   Releasing the button on the side of the seat, she pushed it back in order to lean forward and grabbed the two envelopes out of her pants, placing them on the dashboard facing her. Fifteen minutes later, she still stared at the two envelopes marked Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wildes.   Glancing up at the windshield, she spotted a black spider the size of a quarter staring down at her.   Pia blinked her eyes and shook her head, hoping the spider wasn’t a bad sign. Reaching for the first envelope, she opened the flap and slipped the papers out.   Her eyes scanned down the page.   By the time she got to the end, the papers fell from her hands.   “That bastard,” she screamed, banging her h

Swept Away Valentine Day Blog Hop

Welcome to the Swept Away Valentines Day Blog Hop.  The hop runts from Thursday, Februar 14th through Sunday February 17th.  I wanted to share one of my love poems. Valentine’s Day No words can describe how I feel inside. Since I met you time has stood still, and my life has been full of sunshine. I always knew there was a pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow and that is you. You have been my inspiration, encouraging me to achieve my goals, showing me that you care. Through my eyes I see a loving and caring man, one that is perfect. You are a rare jewel that was sent to me by an angel. I thank the heavens above for showing me the light, by bringing you into my life. I will be giving a way you a copy of Roses and my book of poems, Reflections.  I'm also giving away a heart necklace and keychain.  To be eligible tell me what your favorite Valentine's Day treat is. My favorite V

Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt Red Box

Welcome to our monthly picture prompt edition of Tuesday Tales.  With this being Valentine Day week, lets take a  look and see what our authors have put into their little red boxes.  Happy Valentine Day to everyone!                                       Lorenzo stood outside a jewelry shop on Rodeo Drive.   After this set of games in Los Angeles, there was a two game series in San Diego before he returned home.   He wanted to buy something special for Pia. Walking around the shop, he knew this feat would be a tough one.   He didn’t know her that long, and didn’t want to buy her something, which would make her feel uncomfortable. The first thing he looked at were a pair diamond earrings.   The pair he picked was gorgeous, but inappropriate being such an expensive gift so early in their relationship.   He wanted to choose something that let Pia know he saw deep within her heart. After walking around the store for close to a half hour, and looking at close to t

Tuesday Tales – Silver

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales to the word prompt Silver.  Thanks for stopping by.   Pia seems to have gotten herself in a pickle for ignoring a situation that she didn't want to involved in.  Here's her situation.                                  Pia sat cross-legged on her bed looking at all the proof.   What didn’t she understand? This just wasn’t a random event that had happened.   This was real.    But why couldn’t she remember that night at all. Not to face the truth, she took that night as a hoax, a game Larry was playing with her to drive her crazy.   The funny past was, she never went to bed with him.   He swore they consummated their marriage that night.   How could she be such a fool in not checking out his accusations? The last time she looked at these documents was when they got home. No doubt, these documents were authentic.   Now, she would have to figure out how to annul this farce of a marriage, four years later. Larry kept ge