Sunday, February 03, 2013

Tuesday Tales – Silver

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales to the word prompt Silver.  Thanks for stopping by.   Pia seems to have gotten herself in a pickle for ignoring a situation that she didn't want to involved in.  Here's her situation.


Pia sat cross-legged on her bed looking at all the proof.  What didn’t she understand? This just wasn’t a random event that had happened.  This was real.   But why couldn’t she remember that night at all.

Not to face the truth, she took that night as a hoax, a game Larry was playing with her to drive her crazy.  The funny past was, she never went to bed with him.  He swore they consummated their marriage that night.  How could she be such a fool in not checking out his accusations? The last time she looked at these documents was when they got home. No doubt, these documents were authentic.  Now, she would have to figure out how to annul this farce of a marriage, four years later.

Larry kept getting her drinks.  But what he didn’t know was when he turned his back, she would spill it out in the planter next to her lounge chair by the pool.  Even while they walked the strip, she would spill out her drink as they went along.  The only thing she fully drank was the bottle of diet soda he bought her.  Then she remembered, when he handed her the bottle it was open.  Larry told her not to worry since he opened it for her.  That had to be it.  That’s why she couldn’t remember a single thing from her last sip of diet soda until waking up in Larry’s bed the next morning.

Now she needed help.  She hadn’t confided in anyone about what had happened in Vegas.  To this day, she still couldn’t believe Larry would do something so devious.  Then she remembered, the envelope that came in the mail at the office, the one he pulled out of her hand and stuffed into the locked drawer of his desk.  The envelope she was going to get.
Dressing in black pants and shirt, she tied her hair back in a ponytail and clipped it on top of her head.  In her bottom drawer of her dresser, she pulled out a black goobalini and tucked her hair under it.  It was a quick ride to the office.  She opened the door, and walked into the dark office with a flashlight.  Larry lived a few blocks away, and she didn’t want him to question why she was in the office at eleven o’clock at night.

Pia knelt down in front of the desk drawer, tried to open it and of course it is locked.  Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out the miniature tool kit.  She played around with the lock with different sized silver tools for over fifteen minutes before it opened.

Quickly she riffled through the drawer with her gloved hands, until she found two envelopes, which were stamped, personal and confidential.  She folded the thick envelopes and slid them down the back of her pants.  Closing the drawer, she played with the lock and by chance she got it locked. 

She glanced both envelopes, which were made out to Mr. Larry Wildes and Mrs. Pia Wildes.


  1. Oooh, the intrigue deepens. What did he do and why? And please oh please tell me she can get it annulled. Make him pay in the end. I really need to know more. LOL.

  2. Ooohhh...I really want to know what is in the envelopes!!

  3. Yep, now I gotta know--what's in those???

  4. So glad Pia had her silver tool kit so she could do her own investigation. MJP

  5. Lets hope she doesn't get caught ... soooooo wanna know what's in the envelope!