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Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales to the word prompt Loose.  Sorry for the hiatus,but hopefully I will be back every week continuing with my new story, "From Me to You."  This is a draft.  So please excuse the mistakes.   “I have to admit I’m a tad bit jealous of your new beginning.” “Why?” “The adventure...the thrill...the newness...” “The newness of what?” “Of starting over again.   The thrill of the first kiss...the first time he touches you...” “If anything is going to be touching me under the covers, it’s going to be the vibrator you bought me last Christmas.” “And is it still in the box?”   Sophia asked leaning her shoulder into hers. “Don’t be a wise ass,” Erika laughed.   “You know how I feel about using toys.   If I’m going to have any kind of orgasm, it’s going to be with a real man.” “Come on loosen up.” Giggling she added, “just think of it this way, it stays hard all the time, it does the job, and when you’