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Tuesday Tales - Word Prompt Mother

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales to word prompt Mother.  I'd like to wish all the ladies a Happy Mother's Day. This is the next scene from my WIP. Erika was taken back by her gesture.   Sophia wasn’t one to cry or show any emotion.   The last time she cried was at her mother’s funeral over ten years ago.   Even then, she made a quick recovery explaining she understood he was sick and that it was his time. The pain Sophia had been enduring all this time became evident, something she didn’t see cloud with her own divorce.   Reaching out, Erika placed her hand on Sophia’s shoulder as Sophia rested her head against her chest sobbing. “Talk to me.   What’s going on?” “I don’t know where to begin.” “Before you start, tell me why didn’t confide in me that there were problems in your marriage?” “I wanted to but the timing wasn’t right,” Sophia said wiping her tears.   “The night I came over to talk to you is the night I saw you sitting on the porch in th

My Book Boyfriend Blog Hop

Welcome to My Book Boyfriend Blog Hop.  I am so excited to be a part of this and to be able to share with you one of my boyfriends from my WIP The Right Pitch. A man in uniform, especially athletes is an instant turn on for me.  I love sports and enjoy watching the game as much as I love the men in their uniforms.  That's why I have brought  the sports theme back into my books.  Creating the main character, especially during baseball season makes the story more realistic. Richie Raggalio is every women's dream.  He is tall, slender yet muscular, smooth olive complexion and throws a mean fastball.  When his big brown eyes stare you down, you melt, yearning to feel his lips crushed against yours.  He has a ninety-eight miles an hour fastball, and beware, when he throws his curve ball.  His uniform hugs every muscle in his body perfectly, not leaving any sag in his tight muscle butt.  When the ball releases from his hand, you feel goose bumps run up and down your a
Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales to the word prompt free. I am so excited to be back on board with this wonderful group of authors. To bring you up-to-date, Erika is moving from the house she shared with her husband and kids.  She is now divorced and moving on with her life.  I left off with Erika and her best friend Sophia reflecting on the past and now Erika's future. “I have to admit I’m a tad bit jealous of your new beginning.” “Why?” “The adventure...the thrill of being free...the newness...” “The newness of what?” “Of starting over again.   The thrill of the first kiss...the first time he touches you...” “If anything is going to be touching me under the covers, it’s going to be the vibrator you bought me last Christmas.” “And is it still in the box?”   Sophia asked leaning her shoulder into hers. “Don’t be a wise ass,” Erika laughed.   “You know how I feel about using toys.   If I’m going to have any kind of orgasm, it’s going to be with