Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tuesday Tales - Night

Day turned into night as Billy and Alexandra spent most of the afternoon unpacking, washing and putting the ceramic plates, silverware and coffee mugs in its place. Alexandra was pleased in how everything looked. She had set three tables and they spent a great deal of time rearranging the rest of the tables, making certain to get the most out of the space.

“Everything looks great,” Billy said, standing in the doorway holding a shopping bag.

“I know.” Alexandra walked behind the coffee counter and pointed at the mirror. “I couldn’t help but drape the floral garland around it. Now watch.” Alexandra walked over to the far end of the counter and flicked the light switch on. “See,” she said, referring to the navy and pink lights. “I went crazy looking for them. What do you think?”

“I really like it. I kind of thought that behind there still looked like a bar, but now with the garland and lights, you brought it down a few notches giving it a homey look.”

“That was the exact reaction I was looking for.” Alexandra walked up to Billy and kissed him. “I’m starving. I guess you went with Chinese after all.”

“Yes. Someone had to make a food decision,” he laughed. “I’m getting tired of eating sandwiches and Italian take out food.”

“I know. I have to start getting back into the groove of cooking dinner.”

“That would be great, but when we’re here all day working, I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel like going home to cook dinner.”

“You are absolutely right. By the time we get home we‘re ready for bed.”

“Now that sounds like a great idea. After dinner, we’re back to my place,” Billy winked.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s eat, lock up and then head back to your place.”

Billy put his arm around her shoulder. “It’s a beautiful night out. What do you think about eating outside?”

“Great idea. Let me grabbed a few dishes.”

“Forget about the dishes. I got us chopsticks.”

Alexandra grabbed a handful of napkins off the counter and followed Billy out to the patio. “What would you like to drink? I think I have water and ice tea in the mini frig behind the counter.”

“Nothing. I bought the beverages too.” Reaching into the bag he took out two bottles of beer. “This is to top off our romantic dinner.”

Alexandra opened the bottles and sat down across from Billy. “We really got a lot accomplished today.”

“I have to be honest with you. If we keep up the way we’re going, I think we’ll be opening up within the next few weeks.”

Alexandra opened the container of LoMein and wrapped the spaghetti like noodles around the chopsticks. “We still have to come up with a name and order the sign.”

“Don’t worry about that. I have everything under control. And before I forget to tell you, I have the electrician coming on Friday to put up the ceiling fans.”

“You ordered the fans I picked out?”

Grabbing a dumpling with his chopsticks, he dipped it into the sauce “Absolutely. So far everything you have picked out has been the perfect choice. You have made this café unique, giving it class.”

“You’re giving me too much credit. We’ve worked as a team. That’s what I love most about you. “ Alexandra ate the last dumpling before placing her chopsticks down.

“You deserve all the credit. You have brought so much happiness into my life. This is my dream and you have supported me from the beginning.” Billy finished his beer and cleared the table.

“That’s because I believe in you and in the magic of our love.”

“I feel the same way.” Billy stood and reached his hand out to Alexandra who immediately took it and stood up. “Can you hear the music in the distance?” he asked resting his hands on her waist.

“Barely. It’s hard to make out what is playing. But I’d have to say it isn’t dance music.”

Billy lifted her chin until their eyes met. “I want you to close your eyes and concentrate on the music. Since we have no radio here yet, we’ll have to improvise.”

Alexandra closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder. She blocked everything out of her mind except for the music in the distance. Somehow Billy figured out the words to the love song, singing softly into her ear as he glided her around the patio under the moonlit sky.

Billy took a step back and brushed her hair off her face, before tenderly kissing her. “How about we lock up and go back to my place?”

“Let me grab my bag,” Alexandra said, walking inside.

“And in the morning, I’ll make you a sampler of scones.”

“Sounds like the perfect way to end our evening and start our day,” Alexandra said holding the door open.

“I couldn’t agree…”

Before Billy could finish his sentence, a car pulled up in front of the café. The blacked window opened and a gun was fired…

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tuesday Tales - Sky

Over the course of the next few weeks, Billy an Alexandria continued to work on the interior of the café. The day the UPS driver brought in over two dozen boxes containing the dishes, glasses and different shaped coffee cups, reality set in that the café would be up and running soon.

Billy spent the morning cleaning the freezers and refrigerator so they would be ready, while Alexandra worked on the bar turned coffee counter and strategically placed the glass cake and Danish holders on top.

Alexandra surfed the internet for days until she found the ones she pictured in her mind, clear crystal with rose cutout, like the ones her grandmother had. She wound up finding them in a second hand store. Then while on a mini four day escape to Pennsylvania where along the way, they stopped at many antique stores, she filled in with the rest.

“Coffee?” Alexandra called out to Billy in the kitchen.

“Would love it. Give me a few.”

Alexandra set up the machine and turned it on. Looking around the room at the boxes, she couldn’t help but smile. The excitement of setting the tables and filling the shelves with the cups made her aware of the work ahead.

“Love the smell of freshly brewed coffee,” Billy said, wrapping her arms around her waist. “But the smell of your perfume, well, is turning me on too.”

“What you’re smelling is a combination of bleach, orange furniture polish and coffee,” she laughed, leaning into him and kissing his lips before backing out of his arms.

“No, I don’t believe you.” Grabbing two mugs he poured their coffee. “What do you say we sit out back?”

“Sounds like a wonderful idea. We’ve been cooped up in here all day.”

“Tell me about it. I was gagging on the fumes from the bleach. But I wanted to make sure the freezer was sterilized.”

“I know. It’s important that everything is spotless.”
Alexandra followed Billy to the back door. Before opening it, he turned to face her.

“There’s a surprise for you outside.”

“Are you kidding?” Alexandra couldn’t image what he was up to now.

“Instead of answering, he opened the door. She stepped outside and gasped. Billy had mowed the lawn, laid pink and beige octagons bricks, making a patio and replaced the dilapidated table with brand new patio furniture.

“Oh my God Billy. I love it. When did you have the time to do this?”

“When it comes to you, I always find the time. Now come sit.” He pulled her chair out for her. “It’s a beautiful day out. It’s seasonably warm and the sky is blue without a cloud to be found. It’s the perfect day, just like you.”

Alexandra sat. “You re so full of surprises.”

Billy pulled his chair next to Alexandra’s and reached out and took her hand. “I was thinking if things worked out inside we could expand to outside, especially during the summer.”

“Sounds like a great idea. Maybe even do karaoke one night a week.”

“Now that’s a great idea, Sweetheart.”

Billy sat back in his chair and rested his feet on the chair across from him.

“That means you have to draw up new blueprints for back here.”

“Consider it done,” Billy smiled. “Wait until you see what else I have planned for you.”

“I can’t wait.”

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