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Tuesday Tales - Pill

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales to the word prompt pill.  This is a contemporary romance which is still untitled. I hope you enjoy my characters journey. Don't forget to check out the other fabulous Tuesday Tales Authors! “I don’t think I can bear the cold weather,” he said. “What should I say?   Within the next few weeks, I’ll lose my golden tan.” “You can always go to the tanning salon.” “Nah. I know the sun isn’t good for you, but the tanning salon is worse.” He extended his hand. “I’m Robbie Rossitilo.” “I’m Jill Trantinali,” she said shaking his hand. “What part of Italy is your family from?" “My family comes from Sicily high in the mountains. How about you?” “Venice. My great grandfather use to guide the gondola down the channels delivering shrimp and fish he had caught during the night.” “From what my mom told me, my great grandfather was a farmer.” “See we have something in common.   Bot

Tuesday Tales - Word Prompt Phone

                                               Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales to the word prompt phone.  This is a new story which is a work in progress.  I'm going to keep my excerpts short, under a thousand words so this is a quick read.  I hope you enjoy! Don`t forget to visit the other talented Tuesday Tales authors. Thanks for stopping by! Jill started her jeep and took off down the highway.   When people said, there’s no place like home, she would laugh and just appease them.   Now she was doing the one thing she said she would never do.   She was going back home to New York, where she originally started from before being offered the job of a lifetime in California working for a major network. Twenty-eight years later, her kids were grown, her husband was a man-ho and she was going home to start over again. After dropping her car to be shipped back, she waited by the window in the airport terminal waiting for her plane to be called.   On her

Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt

 Welcome to this week's edition of Tuesday Tales.  I am so happy to be back.  This New Yorker is now  Jersey Shore Girl and I'm loving every minute of the peace and relaxation I'm getting from the community I'm living in.  So without further ado... Jill Reed stood by her front door with the last of her belongs tucked away in her carry-on bag.   Once she walked out the front door, she would be leaving her past behind her. The past few months she had struggled with how to proceed in her life, what would make her happy and what she wanted. Once she made this life changing decision, there was no turning back.   All that would stand in front of her was a new way of living. Jill placed her bag down in front of the front door.   She needed complete closure.   The only way to do that would take one last walk through of the house she used to call home. As she walked room to room, she took one last look in the closets and dresser draws.