Monday, November 28, 2011

Tuesday Tales - Ice

“Hello.” Billy pushed open Alexandra's door with his shoulder while struggling with the bags in his arms. “Alexandra, are you home?”

“I’m upstairs. Give me a few minutes to finish putting the laundry away and I’ll be right down.”

“Take your time. I’ll put up a pot of coffee.”

Billy placed the packages on the counter, put up the coffee and got to work. From one of the bags he took a red cotton tablecloth with green and white embroidered poinsettias bordering around the edges. In another bag he grabbed two crystal candlestick holders along with long green candles with silver bells engraved within the candles.

No doubt Alexandra would love the table. She always paid attention to and loved minor details. And when it came to him, she acted like he was the only one in the world, at the moment. She always paid close attention to him, making sure she attended to all his needs, without showing any vulnerability whatsoever.

The more time he spent with her, the deeper he fell in love with her. He thought he had found love when he met her as a kid, but being with the teenage girl, he always dreamed of, strengthened his love for her even more.

He added a few more logs to the fireplace. They would want the house nice and hot when they got back from their new adventure.

“Hey.” Alexandra walked down the last two stairs directly into Billy’s arms. “I can smell the coffee all the way upstairs. What do you do to it to make it smell as taste so good?”

“It’s my secret ingredient.”

“Are you going to tell me?”

“’I’m going to tell you a lot of things,” he snickered not taking his eyes off Alexandra. “I have another special day planned after we have coffee. Speaking of which, why don’t you bring the milk and sugar to the table.”

Billy watched Alexandra grab the milk container and walk into the dining room. The minute she entered into the room, he heard her gasp.

“Billy, the table looks amazing. What a lovely surprise. You totally astonish me every time.”

“Anything for my girl. I saw it when I past Bed, Bath and Beyond and said my girl would love this.”

“And I do. It brightens up the room.”

Alexandra sat next to Billy who sat at the head of the table. In the beginning, that was the seat she claimed, but as the months went by, she left that seat open and took the one to his left. It took him some time, but he finally began to feel comfortable around Alexandra, not afraid to be himself.

“Now about that secret ingredient.”

“It’s a touch of cinnamon and cocoa powder.”

“I have those things?”

“You didn’t but you have now.”

They both laughed out loud, something else they always did when they were together. His friends were always laughing at him. He guessed it was because he had trimmed his hang out time with them. While they laughed, he built a relationship with Alexandra that was priceless.

“Thank you. You are always full of surprises.”

“Then be prepared for the next.”

“Which is?”

Reaching for a bag that he put on the chair, he removed it and handed it to her. “Have you ever gone ice skating?”

“Ice skating? Years ago.”

“Then this is perfect.” He took a black and white heavy sweater out of the bag, along with snow pants and a pair of white ice skates.”

“Oh dear, these are gorgeous. I use to have a pair like this when I was a teenager, except mine had red pompoms on them.”

“I thought we’d go ice skating down the road at the pond. I’m sure the ice is thick enough.”

“Without a doubt. It’s been freezing out the past few weeks.”

“That’s why I got you these heavy clothes. We’ll ice skate, and come home and snuggle by the fire.”

“I’d like that. But you have to promise that you’ll make another pot of this coffee when we get home.”

“It’s a deal.”

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Tuesday Tales - Thanksgiving

Billy threw another log into the blazing fireplace. This was the first Thanksgiving in a long time that a four-inch coating of snow lined the narrow city streets.

Alexandra couldn’t have been happier this year. Her life finally felt complete, for she had found the life she yearned for with the man she couldn’t live without.

“Dinner is about ready,” Alexandra said leaning against the kitchen doorway.

“Let me add a few more logs into the fire.”

“Thanks. It’s nice and toasty in here.”

“And I plan on keeping it that way. You look so sexy.”

“I’ll start getting things together in the dining room. I’ll need for you to open the wine when you get through. Thanks,” she blushed playing with the spaghetti strap that kept falling off her shoulder.

“Works for me. I’ll be just a few minutes.”

Alexandra set the table and lit the candles. The aroma of turkey fill the room mixed with cornbread, cranberries and broccoli. Tonight’s feast had a special meaning to her. It was time to give thanks for all the wonderful things that has happened in her life the past few months.

“There’s my girl.” Bill wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed he top of her head. “Everything is done. I look forward to spending all day and night with you.”

“Like the sound of that.”

“After dinner, we are taking coffee and desert into the living room by the fireplace. I made sure I have the fire going strong which will last us through early morning.”

“Hmm…romance after dinner. That is so perfect.”

He kissed her head, walked over to the table and opened the wine, pouring it into the blue goblets.

“The table looks amazing.”

“Thank you. “ Alexandra turned to walk back into the kitchen, but Billy grabbed her hand to stop her.

“Wait for me. Let’s do this together.”

“No, that’s okay. You did all the work in the house with the fireplace. Let me take care of you.”

“No way. We’re a team. By doing everything together, it will make the chores go quicker.”

“I have to agree with you on that. I’m just not use to having anyone help me. I’ve been doing it solo all these years.”

“Not anymore. I want to get more involved in your life and would like you to do the same with me.”

“I’d like that.”

“This is a very special Thanksgiving for me.” Billy picked up the dish of turkey and dropped a few pieces of white meat into his dish. “This is the first Thanksgiving that I’m not sitting home alone.”

“I’ve spent the past few years alone. I got tired of splitting the holidays between my mother and father. No matter where I went, the other was pissed. That’s why this year it’s refreshing to be sitting here with you.”

“I have to admit that I haven’t looked forward to a holiday in a long time. Knowing that I’m spending it with you, makes it all worth the wait.”

“Before we eat, I’d like to take a few minutes to give thanks and say a prayer. Is that all right with you?”

Alexandra put her buttered roll, along with knife down and joined hands with him. “Sure it is.”

“I’d like to give thanks for this wonderful dinner we have in front of us. I suggest before we get comfortable in front of the warm fire, that we bring the leftovers down the road to the shelter. Is that okay with you?”

“Yes it is. I think it’s a lovely idea sharing our good fortune with those that are less fortunate.”

“And I’d like to give thanks for the Angel that dropped you back into my life decades later. I’m so glad that I waited for you, my sweet Alexandra, the love of my life.”

Alexandra felt warmth come over her, surprised that Billy revealed his true feelings for her. Knowing that Billy felt so strongly for her, gave her hope.

“Billy,” she squeezed his hand, “even though we haven’t been together that long, I feel as if I’ve known you for a lifetime.”

“I feel the same. Keep in mind we know each other since we were kids.”

“I’m so thankful for having you back in my life. And this time I’m not letting you go.”

“I’m not going anywhere. I never knew what love was until you came back into my life. I have always loved you. So this thanksgiving, I thank God that you are sitting here with me, completing my life.”

Billy lifted his wine glass, as did Alexandra, while still holding hands.

“Happy Thanksgiving Alexandra.”

“Happy Thanksgiving Billy.”

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reflections: A Collection of Love Poems is now available.

It's finally here. This is the electronic version of Masquerade of Love renamed Reflections, with twenty extra poems along with the blurb for my novel, Roses, which is due out in February 2012 by Secret Cravings Publisher. Reflection is available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Smashwords.

Reflections is a collection of love poems that take you on a magical journey through the inner depths of one's heart and soul. The underlying emotions that are revealed through these poems show how deep love truly goes. The poems will make you laugh, make you cry and teach you to never give up hope on love. They are written for those who have met or are searching for their soul mate.

Here's a sample:


I wake up in the morning to a gorgeous sunset,
the scent of the ocean,
a warm breeze blowing the curtains wild
in sheer anticipation of knowing that I will
soon be in your arms.

I grab my cup of coffee
sit on the front porch, taking in deep breaths
staring down the street waiting for your arrival.

Feelings so deep and intense.
Closing my eyes I feel your touch
sending electrifying chills
racing throughout me.

I miss you
I yearn you
I want you
I love you.

I dream about the next time
I’m going to hear your footsteps climb my porch,
feel your lips press against mine,
seeing the love in your olive eyes
waiting to fill my emptiness.

Our bodies melt to the touch
a calm sweeps over us
as we lie in each others arms.
The scent of our lovemaking
still lingers on the sheets
my body
and through my haven.

Friends have told me
relationships go stale
over a period of time,
however, with you
our relationship continues to grow.
Every time we are together
the world comes to a complete halt
with no outside distractions
except for you and me.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Tuesday Tales - Knife

Alexandra slid the purple off the shoulder dress over her head. Staring into the mirror she shook her head in approval. This had been the sixth dress that she tried on within the past ten minutes. Tonight had to be perfect, as it was their one year anniversary.

It was hard to imagine that their relationship had spanned so long, especially when she wasn’t looking for a boyfriend to begin with. Now, a year later she relished the time she spent with Billy. They built the relationship she swore she would never have. Now that she had it, she couldn’t imagine living without him. Billy had turned out to be a major part of her life. A part, she planned on never giving up.

Relationships and Alexandra didn’t go hand it in. It went back to her childhood where she moved town to town with her parents, never having enough of time t make friends and built any kind of a bond with anyone. Sure she had her parents, but they were always working and left her in the care of a nanny, who let her get away with anything just as long she was happy to have “time” with her boyfriend, or was the word she was looking for boyfriends.

The nanny taught her without her knowledge the ins and outs of getting what you want without having to give your whole self to that person. That lesson she took throughout her life. And maybe it was the conversation she heard between her mother and father with her mother accusing him of nailing his assistant in his office, with proof to give him of her findings.

That’s why Alexandra cut men out of her life. If she had the desire to have a baby somewhere down the road, she’d visit a sperm bank and then came Billy. She didn’t see it happen as she let the walls around her down, opening herself up to love, instead of vulnerability. The walls she had built all these years were ones out of fear, not wanting to end up like her parents. Thinking back and then fast forwarding, Alexandra realized that her resistance all these years to date might have been for a reason. It was meant for her to wait for Billy, where love came naturally, unconditionally.

A quick glance in the mirror and she felt confident. Billy always loved when she dressed up, even when they didn’t go anywhere. Their relationship wasn’t based on material things, but on trust and love.

At seven o’clock the doorbell rang. She opened the door to Billy holding two dozen red and white roses and two shopping bags.

“Happy Anniversary.” He kissed her and handed her the roses. “I know how much you love these.” Placing the shopping bags down he spoke, “I thought a nice intimate dinner by candle light would set the scene. I brought lasagna and a house salad Hope you’re not disappointed.”

“Nope. I’d rather not go out. I would rather not share you with the outside world. This may sound selfish, but I don’t want to share you with anyone tonight.”

“I like the sound of that, makes me feel important.”

“I would say…desirable.”


Alexandra leaned into him, licked his lips and smiled. “I say we eat the wonderful dinner you brought and then we’ll pull out the cake and serving knife and take it from there.”

“I like the sound of that. But in the light of the situation,” he said leaning into her, with Alexandra feeling his hardness, “I say we put dinner and the serving knife to the side and take this to another level. We always have the microwave to heat up dinner.”

“Can’t argue with you on that…”

Billy leaned over, swept her off her feet and scooped her up. Her three inch purple stiletto shoes dandled over his arms, and his lips remained on hers as he brought her into the bedroom.

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Monday, November 07, 2011

Tuesday Tales - Wedding

“I can’t believe I’m getting married in just a few short hours,” Alexandra said.

Neither can I,” her best friend Dee said. “This has been a long time coming.”

“Yes it has.” Looking in the mirror she pointed below her eye,” Can you give me another coat of eyeliner?”

“I’ll give you that and another coat of mascara. You sure you don’t want me to put on the false eyelashes I bought?”

“Positive. I want to look as natural as possible.”

“You look gorgeous,” she referred to Alexandra’s white form fitting satin wedding dress.

“I shouldn’t have listened to you. I should have gone down to city hall and got married by the justice of the peace.”

“Nonsense. You waited over twenty years to find Mr. Right. You deserve to have the whole shitten caboodle.”

“But I feel so out of place. It’s not like I’m a virgin.”

“Let’s not go there again.” Putting the blush brush down she said, “I’m going to get us an ice tea, with a splash of lemon Vodka.”

“Make mine a double.”

Alexandra relished being left alone for a few minutes. The past two weeks she had second thoughts about getting married, giving up her independence, especially having to wash someone else’s dirty underwear.

This wasn’t the first time she had second guessed herself. Four years ago she was engaged to a top District Attorney. Their courtship was world win. Mark took her to places beyond her wildest dreams. Never did she imagine herself sitting in a gondola exploring the canals of Italy and posing for a picture in front of the Eifel Tower.

Jewels and designer clothes overtook her closets and jewelry box. She had everything she could ever dream of, except for one thing, love. There was no passion in their relationship. Truth of the matter, their relationship had reversed into a one way love. Mark wound up becoming possessive and turned her once carefree life into a daytime planner, down to their sex life. She ran, not looking back, and karma took over for the next four years leaving her alone and lonely.

Again, she questioned if this was love or just her last attempt not to add another failed relationship into her corner. What if she married him and things didn’t work out? Stop it. Just do it and stop making excuses.

Dee returned with their drinks and a bag of chips, dressed in a navy blue beaded gown. “Are you feeling better?”

“I guess you’re right. I’m just reading too much into things and looking too far back into the past.”

“Then let’s do it. Everyone is downstairs in the chapel waiting to see you.”

“This is it. There’s no turning back.”

“Everything will be all right.”

Dee opened the door and walked down the circular stairs in front of her. Alexandra walked down the stairs holding up her dress, not to trip. She hoped that this would be the one time that she followed it through.

The piano started playing the wedding march and Dee pushed open the French doors. Alexandra stood in the doorway looking down the aisle. The groom stood with his back to her.

“I can’t do this.”

“Sh,” Dee whispered. “Everyone is going to hear you. Your voice is echoing through the chapel.”

“I can’t help it. I’m not sure I’m making the right decision. This happens every time I play this scene over and over in my mind.”

“Don’t you dare walk out of here,” Dee pleaded. “I think this time you will be satisfied with the outcome.”

“I don’t know.”

“Keep walking. I have a feeling you are going to be happy.”

Slowly she walked down the short aisle. When she reached the altar, the groom turned around. It was Billy.

Alexandra jumped up. She turned the light on and clenched her hands against her chest. Every time she had this dream, when the groom turned around he had no face. This was the omen she had been waiting for, proving that Billy is the one that she had been searching for all these years.

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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Forbidden Love

When I look at you,
I can’t help but remember
the first time I saw you.
When you looked at me,
I felt a tingle overtake my body.
I felt a warming to your boyish grin,
walking away from you,
wishing that I had said more.

As time past by,
I got to know you better.
I knew that there would be magic between us.
When I close my eyes I see your face,
and calmness takes over my body.
What I feel inside scares me to death.
My heart has never stirred like this before.

So many times I wanted to ask you
if you have ever been adored,
given a woman’s heart and soul,
and unconditional love.
But I didn’t.
My feelings for you are sacred.
It’s your mind and compassion
that has captivated my heart,
not your physical being.

I want to be the one that gives you true happiness.
I want to spin your world,
showing you that life is so precious,
worth living every moment of it in the present.
I truly believe that we have to live for today,
because tomorrow may never come.

Time and time again
I’ve been told that if you really love someone,
you shouldn’t let the chance pass you
to tell that special person.
You should tell them as soon as possible,
because you just might lose the opportunity to do it if you wait.
Unveiling my heart is a hard thing to do.
But if tomorrow never comes,
I just want you to know,
I love you and will love you for the rest of my life.

I want to share some of my poetry and pictures. The sunrise was taken at the South Beach Boardwalk in Staten Island, NY and the red roses were given to me by the LOML