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Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt

Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales.  This is from my WIP From Me To You. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your support this past year.   I wish everyone and their family a happy and healthy holiday season full of love and happiness.                                               Erika sat on the window seat with a mug of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows floating on top. The view was spectacular, one right out of a Norman Rockwell picture, with snow topping all the Christmas trees surrounding her house. The sun had begun to set, despite being covered behind the clouds and fog. Every so often Erika would see snowflakes fall.   Looking out the window she watched Frankie struggling through the knee-deep snow, walking back to the house with wood for the fireplace.   When Erika moved up to Pennsylvania two years ago, she never expected to meet someone who would captivate her heart.   Frankie waltzed int

SCP 5 Favorite Things Blog Event

It's amazing at how fast this year has flown by. Nothing is like the feeling of unwrapping a present or reading a good book.  Whether you prefer holding a paperback in your hand or cuddling your kindle or nook, it's a wonderful feeling sitting on my bed at night with two of my cats at my feet. Since becoming an author at Secret Cravings Publishing, I have read books that are absolute page turners, making new friends and finding new favorite authors. Now, I'd like to share with you my 5 Favorite Things 1. Walking on the Boardwalk 2. Taking Pictures 3. Baking Cakes and Cookies 4.  Listening to Music 5.  My favorite Secret Cravings is Roses I'm giving  away a copy of Roses.  To be eligible, please leave a comment telling me what you favorite things are along  your email address so I can contact you. Roses The sudden death of her husband sends Nikki Petrino into a tailspin. Three years later, she's still grieving. Mexico seems the

Holiday Gifts of Love Blog Hop

Welcome to the Holiday Gifts of Love Blog Hop. The hop will be running from December 14 th through 17 th .   I will be giving away a copy of my eBook Roses or the Boardwalk.   (Your choice.) Christmas has always been my favorite holiday.   What I love the most is decorating the house and baking cookies.   The scent of cookies lingers through the house for days.   One of my favorite cookies to bake is the seven layer cookie.   They are fun and colorful.   I love making trays of cookies and bringing them around to my friends. I make so many different cookies from scratch and decorating each.   I believe in love and the magic of Christmas.   I’m a Hallmark and Lifetime Movie Christmas Movie junkie.   I love them all.   I especially like watching the city woman going home to her small town and finding love again.   I especially like when love comes when and where you least expect it. In Roses, Nikki Petrino finds true love when she accidently runs int

Purrfectly Giftastic Christmas Blog Hop

--> Welcome to Purrrfectly Giftastic Christmas Blog Hop.   The blog will be live and running from December 14 th through 17 th .     I will be giving away a copy of my eBook Roses or The Boardwalk.   (Your choice.) With the holiday season upon us, it is our time to reflect on the year gone by and start getting together a list of resolutions for the New Year. This is one of my comic relief poems.   I refer to it as my quick pick-me-upper when my muse comes to a halt.   This is my version of The Twelve Days of Christmas. On the twelfth day of Christmas, my friends gave to me: Twelve hours of nonstop writing, Eleven great plots ideas with a twist, Ten true to life characters, Nine boxes of tissues, Eight books on writing, Seven sites on marketing, Six unique promo tips, Five colored highlighters, Four packages of post it notes, Three colorful loose-leaf binders, Two boxes of colorful paperclips, And a bottle of merlo

Tuesday Tales - Future

--> Welcome to Tuesday Tales where tales turn into novels.  This week word prompt is Future.                                                 Pia had called Larry asking him to meet her at Dai Noi, explaining she needed to discuss something with him.   At twelve-thirty, she pulled into the small parking lot behind the restaurant.   As she walked in, she rehearsed in her mind what she wanted to say to him.   The big question was how she would end their nonexistent relationship without ruining the business they built together. A few months ago, she had thought about venturing out on her own.   She had been the one with the real estate license doing ninety percent of the work.   Larry had taken the exam a few times without success, leading to Larry becoming the silent partner.   During the past year, Larry spent most of his time on the golf course or at the bar with his friends.   He’d insisted she was able to handle all the office business, and do all the admini

Tuesday Tales - Silent

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday's Tale to the word prompt - Silent.  When you're done, don't forget to click the link on  the bottom to return to Tuesday Tales. --> Pia stood on her porch, with her arms folded watching Lorenzo’s convertible pull down the street.   When his car was totally out of sight, she walked back inside.   For the first time in two weeks her house was silent.   Most of the time she spent running around cleaning, organizing and figuring out how to handle this unbelievably flawless relationship she had going with Lorenzo. The past two weeks had been like heaven.   Lorenzo turned out to be a loving, compassionate man, despite the rumors he had been a ladies man.   But who was she to judge. Pia had some big time problems to deal with.   Opening the top drawer of her mahogany breakfront, she pulled out the picture frame of Larry and her, the picture of them on his boat down in the Virgin Islands, three years prior.    The only reason