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Tuesday Tales - Hard

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales.  This week we are writing to the word prompt hard.  This is a first draft, unedited, so please excuse the mistakes. “It's so hard accepting that my husband ran off with a twenty-five year old. I did everything right, always being there for him, and all for absolutely nothing,” Erika said holding back her tears. “He’s the fool.   People will mistake his girlfriend for his daughter.   He is never going to be able to keep up with her.   Besides, she is so full of herself and nothing to look at. Erika laughed. Sophia always had a way of saying the right words to make her feel better. But the truth be told, his girlfriend was gorgeous. She didn't have a trace grays or a single wrinkle of her round face.   She was plump in all the right places.   Erika didn’t hate her, she was just envious of her youth. “The only thing that still hurts is the fact that he made me look stupid in front of my friends, neighbors and most impor

Tuesday Tales - Glass

    Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales to the word prompt Glass.  This is an excerpt from my WIP from Me to You.  Please excuse the errors, for this is a first draft.  This week will show the relationship between two best friends. Walking down the hall, she made it a point to stop by each of the kid’s rooms.   It seemed like only yesterday that she pointed their rooms and put together cribs. In each room, she packed the things they left behind, finding a part of their childhood. In Richie’s room she found a few tests from high school with marks of twenty and thirty sat behind the radiator.   He knew he would have been punished him for weeks and lectured about how important an education was. Those were the days that had flashed before her eyes were now over.   What she wouldn’t give to be picking up Barbie accessories and action figure paraphernalia off the floor  having her kids back with her again. “Erika, are you up there?”      “Yeah, c

Tuesday Tales - Building

Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales to the word prompt building.  This is the opening scene in my new contemporary novel called From Me to You. This is a draft so please pardon if there are a few errors.    Boxes sat in the middle of the vacant room on the newly refinished hardwood floors.   The decision to pick up and move had been evident for the past few months.   Erika sat down on the old red beer cooler and wondered if she made the right decision in leaving everything behind.   Deep down she realized she had, no other choice.   She needed to leave the past behind in order to move forward. Standing, she walked to the garden window, parted the curtains and admired her garden. For the first time in twenty years, all the flowers were blooming at once. Maybe that was a sign for things to come.   Erika took this as a sign that everything would be all right.   Not knowing what the future held in the next twenty-four hours made her heart pal