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Tuesday Tales – Light

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales to the word prompt Light.  Pia remembered repeatedly asking him to bring her back to her hotel room, but Larry kept saying soon.   While walking down the strip, he took her hand leading her into one of the stores.   One thing she remembered distinctively was Larry leading her into a jewelry store telling her to pick whatever she wanted.   That was the last thing she recalled. The next morning she woke up naked in bed with Larry.   Closing her eyes she tried to think back to the night before.   What had happened between walking back to her hotel room and here?    She sat up.   Her head was killing her.   Boy she had some hell of a hangover.   She slid her legs off the bed, just as she got off, Larry wrapped his hands around her waist pulling her next to him. “What are you doing?” Pia asked. “I was just about to ask you the same thing.   Where are you going?” “I’m going to get dressed and return to my room.”

Tuesday Tales - Package

--> Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales.  I hope everyone had a wonderful week.  Here's the continuing story of Pia. Larry had gotten them a package deal to Las Vegas.   He found some prime real estate he thought they should invest in.   “Let’s face it,” he had said, “New Yorkers either retire to Florida, Pennsylvania or go to Las Vegas.”   Larry had been persuasive, and Pia had agreed to accompany him just as long as they had separate rooms. The first three days of the business trip was flawless.   They both looked at the dozen different properties, but Larry decided against making the investment.   Right before they got back into their rent a car, Pia watched Larry hand the tall red headed real estate agent a fifty dollar bill.   He whispered something to him, that she didn’t hear before he got into the car. “What was that all about?” Pia asked him when he started driving back to their hotel. “Nothing.   What are you talking a

Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt

  Welcome to this week's Tuesday's Tales.  This week, Pia is thinking back to when Larry and she had regular business meeting four years prior. Pia sat on the cushioned window seat staring out into the valley.   Larry had been asking her for months to join him on a weekend getaway in his house upstate New York.    Finally, she gave in and insisted they use the weekend to outline the expansion of their small closet size office into a free standing building on Hylan Boulevard.   While Larry walked across the yard in the snow to replenish the wood for the fireplace, Pia watched, second-guessing her decision to join him. She had met Larry in a business class in college.   They started talking and hit it off when they realized they both wanted to start a real estate business.   After his persuasion, she decided to join forces with him.   She had the business sense and Larry had the collateral to get the business up and running. Their relationship

Tuesday Tales – Gift

-->  Welcome to this weeks edition of Tuesday Tales. I hope everyone had a happy holiday season.  Now, it's a New Year and so are the twists and turns in my tale.  Last time we left off with Larry giving Pia something to think about.  A secret that has been buried away for a very long time.  Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, latte, tea or a cocktail and enjoy.                                              The whole drive home, Pia’s mind raced in all different directions.   Twice she had to pull over to blow her nose and wipe her tears.   This had to all be a dream.   She didn’t believe it four years ago and she didn’t believe it now.   That’s why she never took the time to check into his allegations.   She never had a reason to, until now. Lorenzo had been the missing link in her life.   Whenever he surrounded her, she felt alive and extremely happy.   But if what Larry implied was true, then she had just gotten the screwing of her life.

Secret Cravings Publishing 2nd Anniversary Cruise

Welcome to Secret Cravings Publishing 2nd Anniversary Cruise.  Pack you bag come on board and join the Secret Cravings Publishing Authors on a Cruise of a lifetime.  SCP will be giving away the following prizes: Grand Prize- iPad2 First place- Kindle Fire Second Place- $50 SCP gift card Third place- $25 SCP gift card The contest will run from Friday January 4 through Sunday January 6.  To be eligible for the grand prizes, you must answer and match a minimum of 25 of the 30 participating authors to their “location”.   You must email your answers to Dawne Prochilo, Review Coordinator for SCP at Winners will be contacted by Dawne Prochilo. The winner from my blog will receive a copy of Roses.  To be eligible tell me where you dream vacation would be and leave me your email address.  I am totally excited about this trip.  I have my suitcase packed, and I'm ready to go. I chose a city where l