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Tuesday Tales – Hand

                                            Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales to the word prompt hand.  This is the continuing story of Lorenzo and Pia.  Please keep in mind that this is unedited.  Hope you enjoy this weeks tale.   Throughout dinner Pia sat on edge.   The conversation between the two of them had been very general.    A conversation with a stranger had more depth to it.   Her heart ached.   Another thing she noticed was he didn’t look her in the eyes.   There was also very little contact between the two of them.   Just once, he touch her hand during dinner and that was when he reached over to take the dish of olive oil to dip his bread into. Pia played with the food on her plate, hardly eating.   She managed to eat half her dinner, not wanting to totally waste the food.   Pushing her dish to the side, she looked up at Lorenzo, whose eyes were on her. “You are beautiful.   I didn’t realize until now just how beautiful you

Secret Cravings Paranormal Blog Hop

Welcome to Secret Cravings Paranormal Blog Hop. I write Women's Fiction/Contemporary Romances.  In my Mystical Wonders Series, one of my characters, Shari is a psychic. She reads minds and tarot cards. Madison, Shari, Cassie and Fay are best friends whose lives are intertwined together.  Angelo is the con artist who keeps the girls tied together.  Each woman is searching for love, but the unexpected keeps them all on their ties. Shari lights candles at their monthly girls get together.  Each time they were together, they always lit a white candle and whatever color needed to fit the reason for their ritual. Four friends, four stories, four relationships.  Love, heartbreak, disaster and surprises surround all four ladies.  As the mysteries unfold, Shari's powers get stronger. Visit the women in Staten Island, New York where the impossible comes to life and nothing is ever normal. Mystical Wonders - Circle of Friends (Book 1) Madison Morina, colle

Tuesday Tales – Shoe

          Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales to the word prompt Shoe.  This is the continuing story of Lorenzo and Pia.                                    At the end of the game, Pia sat in her seat, not sure what to do.   Lorenzo never told her where she should meet him. When the stadium was almost cleared, her cell phone went off.   Reaching into her bag, she pushed her flat shoes to the side and took out her phone.   She pressed the arrow.   The screen lit up with a message from Lorenzo asking her to meet him by the bullpen area. Pia thought about changing back into her flats, but nixed the idea.   She didn’t need to go far with her shoes on.    Quickly, she made her way down the ramp, walked around the souvenir stand, before disappearing down the long concrete corridor leading to the back of the stadium.   Lorenzo sat on the padded bench, dressed in jeans, white designer shirt and black shoes.   When he looked up, a slight smile etc

Tuesday Tales – Train

                                                Welcome to this week's edition of Tuesday Tales to the word prompt train.  Pia is trying her best to speak to Lorenzo, tell him the truth about her best friends betrayal, and tell him how much she loves him.   Pia held her cell phone in her hand waiting for it to ring.   She had called Lorenzo two hours ago, and then twenty minutes later.   The last call she knew he rejected.   That was the call she left a detailed message explaining what had happened.   When he didn’t call her right back, tears gushed down her cheeks.   She had to go to him.   Glancing at her watch, if she left right now, she would make it to the ballpark before the game began. Turning the key in the ignition led to nothing.   How could this be?    She needed to talk to Lorenzo, tell him that the whole thing was bogus. Then explain how her best friend, who she trusted with her life had deceived her, throwing their friendship out the window in o