Monday, June 03, 2013

Tuesday Tales – Train

Welcome to this week's edition of Tuesday Tales to the word prompt train.  Pia is trying her best to speak to Lorenzo, tell him the truth about her best friends betrayal, and tell him how much she loves him.  

Pia held her cell phone in her hand waiting for it to ring.  She had called Lorenzo two hours ago, and then twenty minutes later.  The last call she knew he rejected.  That was the call she left a detailed message explaining what had happened.  When he didn’t call her right back, tears gushed down her cheeks.  She had to go to him.  Glancing at her watch, if she left right now, she would make it to the ballpark before the game began.

Turning the key in the ignition led to nothing.  How could this be?   She needed to talk to Lorenzo, tell him that the whole thing was bogus. Then explain how her best friend, who she trusted with her life had deceived her, throwing their friendship out the window in order to have a free ride through law school.

Ten minutes had past by before she tried starting the car again.  Nothing.  Pia knew time was limited.  She had to get to leave now.  Getting out of the car, she walked quickly to the store around the corner, getting herself a metro card.  This would be a long trip, but it would be worth it just to talk to Lorenzo one last time, to try to explain what happened.  

But instead, everything went wrong.  She was a half a block away from the bus stop when the bus past her by.   A half an hour later, she got on the bus to the ferry.  As she walked down the ramp and through the turnstile, the doors to the ferry closed.  She ran to the door.  Slammed her hands against the doors, but it was too late, the ferry had started pulling away from the dock.

Twenty-five minutes later, the doors opened and she began her journey towards Manhattan.  The twenty minute ferry ride felt like two hours.   The moment the ferry stopped, she made a dash toward the train station.  This time, she lucked out.  After waiting for a couple of minutes, the train came.  She got off and transferred for the number seven train to Flushing.

Keeping a watch on the time, she was surprised to see she still had time.  Not even realizing it, she had gotten onto an express train to Queens, meaning the half hour trip to her destination was cut down to ten minutes. 

The minute the doors opened, Pia flew out, ran down the ramp and down the steep stairs to street level.   Quickly, she purchases a ticket.  She walked towards the bullpen area, past the police barrier and walked down the tunnel, which led next to the bullpen.

Pia stood in the doorway, looking in.  Jon Summers and Kirby Green were warming up.  On the field, the other team had just finished batting practice.  As long as she remained silent, no one would know she was standing there.  Eventually, Lorenzo would have to come into the bullpen, that being his routine.

From behind, a baseball cap was placed on her head.  Slowly, Pia turned until her eyes met his ocean blue eyes.  “Lorenzo.”

“I thought you might like to wear my hat.”

“I would, thank you.”

“You can’t stay back here to watch the game.”

“It’s okay.  I bought a ticket.”

Lorenzo chuckled.  “Let me see your ticket stub.”

Pia handed him the ticket.  His baby blues dropped down to look at the ticket and he laughed.

“I’ll call down to the home plate section.  Go enjoy the game.  Afterwards, we will go get something to eat and talk.  Okay?”

 Pia nodded her head.  “Yes.”




  1. Oh yay!! So glad he's being so great...I hope everything works out for them!!

  2. Phew! I`m glad to hear he`s being so good about it. Hopefully they can work things out.

  3. can't wait to see where the conversation goes

  4. What an adventure she had getting to the park. I also can't wait to see what the conversation leads to

  5. Gosh that was some journey.. I hope he listens to her...x

  6. YAY! They're back talking! Love this couple. Lorenzo is a wonderful hero and Pia a deserving heroine. Love this story.