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Tuesday Tales - Word Prompt Purple

 Welcome to this weeks edition of Tuesday Tales to the word prompt Purple . My WIP is still untitled and is a first draft. After showering and making herself presentable, she called Robbie who had been waiting for her in the Starbucks in the far corner of the lobby. The night before Jill had stayed up reading the pilot. You didn’t like it, she loved it. The main character had a lot of potential. After reading the character sketch on her, Jill knew she could get deeper into the character’s internal layers making her a character that would stand out. This would be the first time Jill was involved in a project that had comedy elements entwined in its original genre of drama. She would have to watch how she addressed her comments to Robbie, not wanting to turn him off.   She hoped that he would like her comments and the extended character sketch she did on the main female character. As she came down the glass elevator, she spotted Robbie sitting in comfortabl

Tuesday Tales - Word Prompt Save

Welcome to this week's edition of Tuesday Tales to the word prompt Save. This is a work in progress, still untitled and is a first draft. Jill stood at the window, with her arms folded against her chest looking out the window. She stood there for the longest time watching the planes take off and land. Taking a deep breath, she smiled in satisfaction. This was the first time in a long time she felt like she didn’t have the weight of the world on her back. It felt great to be back home, to her roots, where she was born and raised. New York, there was nothing like it. First thing in the morning, she would go across the street to the mini shopping center and get herself a couple of sweaters and a few more pairs of jeans. In California, she lived in shorts and dresses. The only time she needed to get dressed was when they had a meeting with the big bosses. Jill slid into her cotton nightgown; another thing to add to the list, flannel pajamas.  

Tuesday Tales - Hug

Welcome to this week's edition of Tuesday Tales to the word prompt Hug.  This is an untitled, unedited work in progress. After Jill and Robbie finished dinner, Robbie ordered them cappuccino and an assortment of Italian pastries. Throughout dinner they talked about the restaurant and the places they had ate at in Los Angeles. They had both dined at the same places, and realized that one of the Christmas Parties they were both there. After that, they spoke of the actors and actresses they both knew. The scent of garlic and tomato sauce lingered in the air. For a hotel restaurant, the food was very good. In California, she couldn’t find a decent Italian restaurant that made homemade mozzarella. There was nothing like the taste of fresh mozzarella and a ripe New Jersey tomato. The waiter placed their cappuccinos in front of them and the tray of pastries in the middle of the table. Jill reached for a sweet’n’low, pushed the whipped cream to the side and sprink

Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt

Welcome to this weeks edition of Tuesday Tales. Last week Jill and Robbie were conversing on the plane where Robbie offered Jill a job. After waiting for their luggage, they waited outside the terminal for a taxi. MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE OTHER FABULOUS AUTHORS OF TUESDAY TALES Robbie and Jill shared a taxi.   On the way to Jill’s hotel, Robbie asked if she would like to get a bit to eat since the food on the plane was disgusting. Without hesitation, Jill said yes, only with the agreement that he’d give her a chance to check in and freshen up. Jill got herself settled into her room, before fixing her hair and touching up her makeup.   On the way down on the elevator, she tried to think of things she could talk to him about. Was this a date? If it were, she didn’t have a clue on how to act, what to say. She pinched her leg. Why was she thinking like that? This was going to be a business meeting. The restaurant was located on the opposite end of t