Friday, August 23, 2013

Secret Cravings Publishing Blog Hop August 24th - 25th

Welcome to Secret Cravings Publishing Blog Hop.  It's closing in the end of the summer.  The kids will be back in school, now it is mom's turn to buy something for herself.  Back in the day, when my kids were home during the summer, I never had a chance to curl up with a book.  By ten o'clock, I was dead to the world.  These days, if I'm not writing a love story, I am reading one.

The summer is my favorite time of the year.  I love sitting on the beach writing and reading.  Last summer I edited Mystical Wonders - Circle of Friends and Second Chances.  This summer I got a late start because of Hurricane Sandy.  But I was able to write and do edits on book 4 - Survival.

Next months, the third in the series - The Right Call Will be released.  Circle of Friends and Second Chances are both available electronically.  Circle of Friends is now available in paperback if you don't have a kindle, nook or like to read via a PDF file.

                Blurb Mystical Wonders - Circle of Friends

     Madison Morina, college professor, meets Sal at the college’s pep rally.  They hit it off, but Madison still has her doubts regarding their relationship.
     Shari Stafford, a clairvoyant, hairdresser, finds love when she hires a carpenter to do renovations on her house. She has a special gift of reading minds.
     Private Investigator Cassie Scott has an on and off relationship with Dennis.  When family secrets are revealed, her life is changed forever.
     Bad boy Angelo Esposito sweeps Fay Odina off her feet.  He has a dead wife and an ex-wife, along with a secret past and an agenda. Angelo finds his perfect mark in Fay, who owns the family Vintage Clothing Shop.
     Despite her friends’ warnings that she is in imminent danger, she runs off and marries Angelo.   It’s up to the girls to juggle their own relationships and dig deeper into Angelo’s past.  
Four friends, four lives intertwined together. 

Blurb Mystical Wonders - Second Changes 

     Madison, Shari and Cassie play a major role in protecting Fay, while digging into Angelo’s past.  Shari still can’t channel into Angelo’s mind, leading the women to believe he has something to hide.
     A reunion with an old love puts Madison’s relationship with Sal to the test, causing her to reevaluate her life.  While family secrets continue to be exposed, Cassie’s life spirals out of control. Both women will be forced to make life changing decisions.
     Having gained Fay’s trust, Angelo is ready to move forward with his plan no matter what the consequences.
     Cassie seeks Shari’s help on a case.  While they uncover pieces of the puzzle, they get closer to the truth about Angelo’s past. Madison, Shari and Cassie come together, racing against time, to save Fay from a disastrous fate.

     Four friends, four lives intertwined together, setting the stage for second chances. 

 My favorite thing to do in the summer is to sit on the beach (with sunscreen) and enjoy the beauty nature has to offer us.

 Tell me what your favorite thing to do during summer is and leave me your email address to be entered to win a copy of Book 1 - Circle of Friends.  I will be giving away to copies.



Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tuesday Tales – Rough


Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales to the word prompt rough.  This week will conclude Pia and Lorenzo's story.  Keep in mind this is unedited, so I apologize in advance for the errors.  I hope you enjoyed their story.                                           

“Wow.”  Pia’s eyes bulged wide opened.  “You’ve left me speechless.”

“I don’t see any problem at all.  A simple yes I’ll come with you, or no I can’t.”

Pia gazed at Lorenzo.  He looked so intense. This was a huge decision to be made, one she would have liked to think about.  But for once in her life she would go with her gut.  She knew exactly what she wanted.  Pia sighed.

“I know this is a huge decision, especially since the rough bumps in the road that we’ve been through.  If,” he raised his index finger, “you’re worried about your business, job, don’t worry about it.  I can get you set up anywhere you want.  But that isn’t my intention to bribe you.  “I need you to…”

Pia held up her hand to quiet him.  “Yes, I will come along with you.”

Lorenzo’s lips broke into a huge grin.  He sighed.

“You look really surprised.”

“I have to admit,” he ran his fingers through his dirty blond hair, “I am.”

Pia lifted up her martini glass.  Instead of sipping her drink, she downed it.  This was the last thing she had expected.  She thought she would be leaving the restaurant minus a boyfriend.

“Can I get you another,” Lorenzo pointed to her glass.

“No, thank you, I think I had enough of cocktails for the day.” She slid her finger along the top of the glass where chocolate still lingered. 
With a fingertip laced with chocolate, she reached across the table to Lorenzo who willingly too her finger into his mouth.

“Would you mind if I have another?”

“Not at all.”  Pia reached for her glass of water.  “Tell me more about Houston.  I don’t understand why you were traded.”

“Neither do I.”

“Whom did they trade you for?”

“Two young kids in triple A ball.”  Lorenzo shook his head from side to side.  “I am still in shock.  I didn’t see it coming at all.  I have a perfect record.  They never let on that they were unhappy with me or they were showing any interest in anyone else.”

Pia reached her hand out touching his face.  “I believe that everything happens for a reason.  And for some reason we aren’t meant to be in New York.  Besides, I heard Houston is beautiful.”

“It is.  How do you feel about me
buying us a house down in Houston, while keeping the house in New York?”

“I will go wherever you go.  I didn’t realize how much I loved you until you were gone.”

“I will help you establish your business in Houston.  You could hire someone to manage your office up here. Or, you don’t have to work and can enjoy the country club life with the other players wives.”

“I’d rather work.  I’m not the type to sit around all day in a short white skort drinking cocktails and playing tennis.”

Lorenzo went hysterical.  “I know you’re not. But I just want to give you options.”

“Thank you.  I appreciate you giving me choices.”

Lorenzo called the waiter over.  “We’ll both have cappuccino.”

“Mine with extra whipped cream,” Pia said.

“Not a problem.”  The waiter chuckled.  “Are ready for desert?  Or would you rather wait a bit.”

“I’m ready.  We’ll have my usual.”

Pia sat back in her chair.  “I never expected you to be the desert type.”

“See.  We have a lot to learn about each other.”

The waiter returned with their cappuccinos along with a long white dish with six pirouline wafers, and vanilla ice cream. 

“I love these,” Pia said.  “And the ice, is perfect to dip the wafers into.”  Pia pointed her finger at him.  “What a perfect dessert to end the perfect date.”

Pia took one of the wafers and rolled it through the soft vanilla ice cream.

Lorenzo chuckled. “Go ahead, double dip.”

“Next cookie.”

Pia took another cookie, but put it down when something caught her eye on another cookie.  She reached for the cookie, her heart palpitating.  Lorenzo reached over, took the cookie out of her hand a dropped to one knee.

“Pia, will you marry me?”

Tears rushed from Pia’s eyes.  She stood, looking down at Lorenzo.  “Oh yes.  Yes I will.”

Lorenzo slid the large circular diamond with full cut diamonds onto her finger, and stood.  He took her face between his hands.  “Today our lives have started.”

Monday, August 05, 2013

Tuesday Tales – Smooth


Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales to the word prompt - Smooth.  This is a rough draft so please excuse the mistakes.  Hope you enjoy.


Dinner had been wonderful.  Lorenzo had taken her out to an Italian restaurant, where he ordered all her favorite foods.  Not once during dinner did he mention anything about then. The conversation had been general with them talking about the weather, the baseball season.  After dinner they drove down Hylan Boulevard to Father Capodanno.

“I thought we would take walk along the boardwalk before stopping at the South Finn for a night cap.  What do you think?” he asked pulling into the parking lot by the dolphins.

“I’d love that.  I have my pair of flats in my pocketbook.

“That’s great.  This way I don’t have to worry about the heel of your shoe getting caught be
tween the boards.”

He opened her car door.  She slid out with Lorenzo sliding his fingers through her.  Pia took this as a good sign.

“How about we sit outside?  I know you aren’t keen on the greater outdoors, but it’s such a beautiful night out.”

“I’d love to.  As long as we’re together, it doesn’t matter where we are.”

Lorenzo held her chair out.  By the time he sat down, the waiter stood by their table.  “What can I get for you?”


“Chocolate martini.”

“Beer for me.”

“We have the perfect seats to watch the sunset,” Pia said sitting folding her hands on the table.”

“A lot went on during the past road trip.”

“I know.  Again I am so sorry for putting you through all of this.”

“I have to be honest with you.  I did have a friend of mine check things out.  Believe me, your friends Lisa and Larry were smooth.  Real smooth.  And they would have gotten way with it if your friend Lisa didn’t become guilty.”

 Pia lifted the chocolate martini the waiter placed in front of her and took a sip. “I’m sorry.  I never meant to cause you to doubt me or my love for you.”

“I know.”  Lorenzo reached over and covered her lips.  “It’s okay.  Something else has turned up that I need to discuss with you.”

“You’re scaring me,” she said glaring at him who had yet to look in her eyes.

“Nothing to be scared about.  Maybe shocked.”

“Shocked?”  she covered her face with her hands.

“I was traded to Houston.”

“You were?  Oh my God what does that mean?”

“I leave for Houston first thing tomorrow morning.”

She bit her bottom lip, stopping herself from crying. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry.  This is a wonderful opportunity for me.  And I want to bring you along with me.”

“You do?”  she asked, her eyes bulging wide open.


“What does that mean?”

“I’ll tell you as soon as you give me an answer.”