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Tuesday Tales – White

Happy Labor Day. This week we will be writing to the word prompt White. Check out the other awesome tales at TUESDAY TALES The next morning Pia woke up to Lorenzo’s name scrolled across her cell phone. Glancing at her clock radio the time read seven thirty a.m., way to early for her usual wake up time of nine o’clock. “Good Morning. Just wanted to let you know my brother already has your car up on the lift. It looks like you have a problem with your head gasket. “Oh geez.” She slipped out of bed and slid her feet into her white terry cloth slippers. “What does that mean?” she sighed, not having any knowledge at all about cars. “Nothing for you to worry your pretty head about. I’ll send a car for you to come out to the stadium for tonight’s game.” Pia’s eyes popped wide opened totally waking her up. “Really?” “Really. Your ticket will be at the VIP ticket window.” “That is awesome.” “The care will be at your house around three thirty. This way you’ll enough of time to beat t

Tuesday Tales – Bridge

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tale. This week the word prompt is Bridge. Visit other awesome stories from a group of talented authors at: TUESDAY TALES . Pia followed Lorenzo out onto the promenade deck. The night had been perfect. This turned out to be quite the unique way to go out on a date. Now it was time to work off the deserts they ate. She hoped her sugar level hadn’t escalated too high. As soon as the warning signs started, she’d excuse herself and take her medicine. The last thing she wanted to reveal to a stranger her struggle with diabetes. It wasn’t necessary to reveal such a personal secret. “Thanks so much for desert. Everything tasted delicious.” “You’re welcome.” Lorenzo walked next to her, his arm touching hers. “I love this place. They make the best deserts ever.” “Especially the white chocolate covered strawberries. They were awesome.” Lorenzo smiled down at her, the moonlight shining in his eyes. “I want to show you something special.” Reach

Tuesday Tales - Book

Lorenzo led Pia out of the crowded restaurant. Pia was disappointed that they weren’t able to have a decent conversation between them. The place was packed, the music blasting and every time they started talking someone would stop by their table to say hello to him or a fan asking for an autograph. Hopefully on the ride home, they could talk and get to know each other better. The valet pulled his BMW up to the curb. Lorenzo opened the door, waited for her to put her seat belt on before closing it. Pia watched Lorenzo walk around the car and slid in next to her. He buckled up and turned the radio on. “I hope you had a halfway decent time tonight. I never expected the restaurant to get so crowded.” “That’s okay. I had a wonderful time.” “I know of this outdoor café in downtown Brooklyn. Would you like to grab a cappuccino?” “That would be nice. But I don’t want to keep you out too late if you have an afternoon game tomorrow.” “I’m good. Thanks for asking. Tomorrow we ar

Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt - Moonlight

Welcome to this week's edition of Tuesday Tales. Don't forget to stop by and read the other awesome tales at: Tuesday Tales . I decided to do something a little different this time. I wanted to share a poem from: Reflections - A Collection of Love Poems. Twilight of Desire Lost in the twilight of desire, hidden behind an eclipse, but found on a summer day. Should there ever be a lonely day. I just close my eyes and think of you. A bond so thick it cannot be broken. A tender kiss, passion so real and full of life, it scares me to death. It’s a feeling so real you would kill for it. There’s a history between us, and I’m having the time of my life. My inner self has surfaced and the feelings inside me have erupted. The excitement from within me, grows stronger and stronger every day. Each time we unite as one, the passion gets better and better. When the lights go down, the moonlight shines in your eyes, I see the hunger in them for me. Come to me and reveal the truth of your i

Tuesday Tales – Baseball

Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales. This week I am starting a new story. I like to thank everyone who stopped by each and every week to read about Alexandra and Billy. I hope you enjoy my new story about Pia and Lorenzo. It had to be twenty-five years ago that Lorenzo Marcus stole her heart. Her passion had always been sports, with baseball being on top of the list. Pia Tallisico spent most of her teen years going to baseball games. No, she wasn’t a groupie. She didn’t wait in the sidelines for the players to come out, nor did she arrive at the games two hours early to sit and watch batting practice. What she did do was get herself a box on the first base side of the diamond one box up from the railing. One a hot summer night, Pia decided to go to the ballpark alone. Her partner in crime Lisa Caluco bailed out the last minute because she needed to watch her stepbrother. Pia ventured out a little earlier than usual. After making a stop at the bank and the gas station she