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Hump Day Hook

--> Happy Wednesday.  Today I am going to post from my WIP Mystical Wonders Book 3 - The Right Call.   Sophia sat on a rock by the shoreline and pulled her legs into her chest. Earlier that morning, she jogged down the same path in her shorts and tank top with her hair tied into a small ponytail, this being her usual morning ritual before walk.   It was her walks that help her make the decision to let go and move forward.   The words, You’re Better off Being Alone , by the band It’s Not Over was right on target.   Why stay in a relationship that is going nowhere but leaving you in a state of depression? She wasn’t.   Time to move on. Thanks for stopping by. CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO HUMP DAY HOOK BLOG CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY WEBSITE

Tuesday Tales – Ghost

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales. The word prompt this week is Ghost.  Hope everyone has a good and safe Halloween Lorenzo pulled into the small lot on the side of the café.   Despite the chill in the air, it had turned out to be a perfect night.   This had always been Pia’s favorite place to go for desert.   Besides, they made the best latte on the whole entire Island. “Would you like to sit in or outside?”   Lorenzo asked, his hand under her elbow ready to lead her in some direction. “I’d rather eat inside if you want me to be completely honest with you.” “Works for me.”   Lorenzo pulled open the door and followed Pia in. “Hey Pia.   Where have you been?”   a young girl with black pigtails with purple highlights asked. “You know me Lena, always floating around.”   Pia looked around and found a table against the wall.   “Would you mind if we sat over there?”   Pia pointed. “Not a problem.   I’ll give you a few minutes to look th

Halloween Blog Hop

Welcome to the Halloween Blog Hop.  As part of the celebration of Halloween stop by the HOWLOWEEN BLOG HOP where there's an awesome group of authors giving away hundreds of prizes. The hop is from Friday, October 26th through Monday October 29th.  I will announce the winners on Tuesday Morning. I will be giving away an electronic copy of my novel, The Boardwalk, a key chain and a plague. (Pictured below.)  All you have do is tell me your favorite Halloween treat along with your email address. My favorite Halloween treat is a glass of Baileys on the Rocks along with those miniature mound bars.  Come on, don't be shy.  Tell me yours. CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY WEBSITE

Hump Day Hook

  This is a Hump Day Hook from my novel, The Boardwalk , which was released July 2012 by Secret Cravings Publishing.                                       * * * * * Brooklyn tried not to stare, but couldn’t help it he was gorgeous. His muscles bulged out of his white T-shirt, displaying a tribal print cuff on his left forearm. “I’m glad I ran into you today,” she said staring at him from behind her dark sunglasses.   “You come down here often?” he asked in a husky voice. “I’m down here everyday.” “Maybe I’ll catch you again.” I hope you enjoyed my mini excerpt/paragraph.  The Boardwalk is available through Secret Cravings Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, All Romance Books and Book Strand. CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO HUMP DAY HOOK BLOG CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY WEBSITE 

Tuesday Tales – Picture prompt

 Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales.  This week I'll be writing to the picture prompt below.  I hope you are enjoying Pia and Lorenzo's Story. On the way back to Staten Island, instead of using the highway, Lorenzo drove through the streets.   This took Pia by surprise.   Why was Lorenzo purposely taking the long way home where they had to stop at every corner because the lights weren’t in sync? Lorenzo reached over and pinched her cheek.   “I know what you’re thinking.” “And what’s that?” she played along with him. “I want to show you this house.   It’s in the middle of Bensonhurst.” “What so special about it?” “As a kid I called it the mystery house.” “Why’s that?” “The house was so big, unlike the ones around it.   The Fishers were the owners.   They are eccentric and still to this day leave their house decorated for Halloween all year long.” Lorenzo pulled up in front of the house.   She wo

Tuesday Tales – Cool

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday tales.  This week's word prompt is cool.                                              For a late summer night, the air was cool.   This was the time of year Pia hated most, when the temperature plummeted at night.   But somehow tonight the cool air didn’t seem to bother her.   They walked along the bridge holding hands, walking straight down the center of the path.   Whenever Lorenzo would try to lead her over to the side, she would gently tug on his hand pulling him back.   She didn’t want to tell him how much she feared the ocean.   How as a kid the undertow pulled her under water by the ocean’s edge. How that fear never left her and still haunts her every time she’s near water.   But tonight, she felt different.   With Lorenzo at her side, she felt safe, secure.   Lorenzo stopped walking and with his free hand pointed to the Manhattan skyline. “I love the view of Manhattan at night.   No city is like this in t

Tuesday Tales – Knife

--> Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales, where a group of awesome authors shares with the excerpts of their stories to the word prompt Knife.  I'd like to thank everyone who stops by to read my tale.                                              The waiter placed their dishes in front of them.   Pia’s eyes bulged wide open when she looked down at her dish with a huge steak hanging over the sides along with a mountain of French fries and broccoli.   When she caught Lorenzo’s gaze, he burst out laughing. “It’s not funny.”   Pointing to her dish, “There’s enough of food here for both of us in my plate.” “Not to worry.   I am so sure that once you start eating, you will rip through it.” “This is sure a lot of food.” “Always is.   Besides, we have all night to eat it.”   Lorenzo waved his finger at her.   “You have some talking to do young lady.   You have an advantage on me.” “Really?   And what’s that?” “You already know who I am.   You can

Where in the World are the Secret Cravings Authors?

Welcome to Secret Cravings Publishing's Blog Hop.  Our theme is Where in the World are the Secret Cravings Authors. Our authors are located all around the world.   I am going to give you a few hints for you to guess where I live in the world. 1.  Paul Zindel, Joe Pignatano and Vito Picone were all born and lived here. 2.  There are five different ways to travel to different cities. 3.  We are the home of many multicultural museums. 4.  We are surrounded by water. To enter become a follower of my blog and tell me where I am located. Don't forget to leave me your email address so I can contact you if you're a winner.  All correct entries will be  entered into a drawing to win a copy of my novel The Boardwalk .  (another hint) CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO THE SECRET CRAVINGS BLOG HOP  CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY WEBSITE THE BOARDWALK After an accident at work, Brooklyn DeMelli walks every day down at the boardwalk as a way to keep active and have a semi normal