Sunday, October 07, 2012

Tuesday Tales – Knife

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales, where a group of awesome authors shares with the excerpts of their stories to the word prompt Knife.  I'd like to thank everyone who stops by to read my tale.


The waiter placed their dishes in front of them.  Pia’s eyes bulged wide open when she looked down at her dish with a huge steak hanging over the sides along with a mountain of French fries and broccoli.  When she caught Lorenzo’s gaze, he burst out laughing.

“It’s not funny.”  Pointing to her dish, “There’s enough of food here for both of us in my plate.”

“Not to worry.  I am so sure that once you start eating, you will rip through it.”

“This is sure a lot of food.”

“Always is.  Besides, we have all night to eat it.”  Lorenzo waved his finger at her.  “You have some talking to do young lady.  You have an advantage on me.”

“Really?  And what’s that?”

“You already know who I am.  You can look me up on the internet and have my baseball and personal history right out there for you to see.”  He picked a French fry off his plate and took a bite.  “But I’m willing to talk.”

“So am I.”  Pia lifted the steak knife off the table and cut a piece of meat.  She lifted the fork and took a bite.  Looking up, Lorenzo sat back in his chair with his arms folded tightly against his chest with a smirk on his full lips.  “Mmm.  Delicious.  It’s like butter.”

“I told you.”  Lorenzo leaned forward, lifting is knife and fork and began eating.  “How long have you had your company?”

“I opened my company four years ago with the help of my parents.  When I graduated with my four year degree from college, instead of going on for my masters degree, I opted for getting my real estate license.”  Pia ate another piece of steak.  “My parents use to own a candy store on the first floor of their house.  After they closed, they never renovated.  They offered me the space, and I accepted it.”

“That was a home run.”

“You’re right, it was.  It took me a couple of weeks to clean it out and make space suitable for an office. I named my business Sweet Homes Realty and bought a bright pink and white canopy displaying the name.”

“That sounds cool.  Can we pass it on the way home?”  he asked continuing to eat his steak.

“Sure.  I live upstairs in the my childhood house.”

“You live with you parents?”

“When they are home.  Both my parents are travel agents.  They travel all over the world checking out new hotels and booking conferences for fortune 500 companies.”

“Now that’s an awesome job.  I’d love to travel around like that outside the United States.”

“I bet you’ve been to every city across the country.”  Pia pushed her dish to the side leaving only a small piece of the steak.  She could have finished it, but didn’t want to look like a gavone in front of Lorenzo.

“I’ve only been to the cities with ballparks and never been to Staten Island except for driving through it until I met you.”  Lorenzo put his knife and fork down and pushed his empty dish toward the center of the table.  “Can I get you anything else?”

“Oh no,” she held up her hand.  “I have definitely over eaten here tonight.  That steak was a weeks worth of calories for me.”

“Yeah, but it was good now, wasn’t it?”

“Yes delicious.  It melted in my mouth.”

Lorenzo signaled the waiter.  “Would you like a cup of coffee, espresso, cappuccino. Piece of cake or pastry?”

Pia shook her head.  “No.  I am so full that I can’t move.”

“Perfect.  I’d really like to take a walk.”  Looking down at her shoes, he frowned.  “I don’t think you’ll be up to walking in those heels.”

A huge smile emerged on Pia’s lips.  “Oh you would be surprised.”  She lifted her pocketbook off the floor, pulling out a plastic bag, which contained a pair of black shoes.  “See, I always come prepared.”


While Lorenzo took care of the check, Pia slipped her flats on, sliding her heels into the bag.  Lorenzo stood, reached out and she placed her hand in his.  Leading her out of the restaurant, he said his goodbyes.  The valet rushed to their side.

“We’re not ready to go yet, Sal.  Would you mind putting Pia’s bag with her shoes into my car?”  he asked taking the plastic bag from her hand.

“Sure Mr. Marcus.”

Lorenzo took her hand.  “Are you up for a walk across the Williamsburg Bridge?”

“Now that I’m in my comfortable shoes, yes.”

“I always wanted to walk across the bridge, but never had the chance until now.”  He stopped to face her.  “Thank you for becoming a part of my life.”

Pia got lost in Lorenzo’s blue eyes.  She felt his arms wrap around her waist before he leaned into her and softly kissed her lips.  The kiss sent chills through her, but lasted only a few seconds.  He looked down at her, smiled and repossessed her hand leading her onto the walking path of the bridge.



  1. Nice dinner date. She should have finished the steak. He didn't seem the type to mind if she had. lol. I liked this dinner scene. I wonder what happens on the walk?

  2. They are such a romantic couple. I hope you have good things planned for them.

  3. Great scene and I love that we learned more about Pia who's a smart girl carrying sensible shoes with her

  4. made me hungry- nice writing!!

  5. Very nice post. I enjoy seeing them get to know each other.

  6. Nice sweet scene. Love that it ended in a kiss.