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Tuesday Tales - Word Prompt - Bone

Welcome to this weeks edition of Tuesday Tales. It feels great to be back with this awesome group of authors. With September rolling in, I'm starting a new story. I so sad that the summer is almost over. It really went by too quick. Happy September! Anna Hershitelli followed the instructions on the certified letter she had received a few days previous. This whole adventure had been surreal, one that she had never dreamed would have ever happened to her.  When she received the letter, she had tossed it aside, assuming it was another letter from a creditor. When her partner died two years ago, it was a complete shock. Billy had been in the best of shape. Every morning they went jogging together before heading to work. Who would have thought that a forty two year old man would have a massive heart attack?  The bills started pouring in after the funeral along with the debt he had incurred. They had been together for ten years and had thought that he was well of