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Stuff Your Kindle Blog Hop

In the spirit of the Holidays, we are giving you a chance to win free e-books to build the collection in your Kindle Library. I want to share with you the spirit of Christmas for me this year.  This spring I met an incredible man who swept me off my feet.  Every year once the kids got older I would put up a four foot Christmas Tree, but not this year.  The man I met in the spring is now my husband and this is our first Christmas together.  My four foot tree turned into our eight foot tree fully decorated. It's hard to believe that miracles do happen if you believe. So this holiday season, don't give up.  If you have a dream, live it and achieve it.  The same miracle came with my writing.  I've written since I was fourteen years old.  Through the next thirty years I had written books that were horrible, but after each book I continued to improve my craft.  When I got the acceptance letter for my debut novel Roses, that part of my life came into place. Keeping the

Wounded Warriors Project Blog Hop

Christmas is about family, tradition and memories.  Through the years I've kept up with my grandmother's tradition of making Christmas cookies, which I might add I love doing and sharing. This past year, after being a single parent for 17 years, I met the love of my life and got married three months later.  Now we are making our own traditions and box full of memories. For the first time in over ten years, I have taken out Christmas decoration, which were packed away with no future to be seen again, expect for being passed on to my kids. But not this year.  My husband John and I combined our Christmas decorations, decorated all three floors of our townhouse transporting our home into a winter wonderland. My four foot tree is fully decorated in the den and his eight foot tree is in my living room with a collaboration of both our ornaments making for the perfect tree. We bought new ornament and decoration to make our new memories to go with our new life together