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Secret Cravings Publishing Contemporary Romance Blog Hop

This weekend Secret Cravings Publishing is celebrating Contemporary Romance Novels.  There are many author participating, with lots of giveaways.  On April 15, 2014, Survival, the last book in the Mystical Wonders Series was released. The series follows the lives of four friends, through their triumphs, sorrows, love and happiness.    Blurb Shari's home is the center-point of the story, the only one, which isn't submerged under water.  Madison and Dino are trapped in their crawl space as water has swept through home. Sophia is at work when a tidal wave hits and she is swept away, holding on to the chandelier for dear life.  Cassie and Antonio are stuck in the police precinct, with the only way out is climbing through the metal grate in the ceiling up to the floor above.  Fay gets from Italy to England where she is trying to get a flight home to make sure her daughter Heather and her friends are safe. With no electricity, landlines or cell phones

Love, Lust and Lipstick Stains Spring Fling Blog

Welcome to Love Lust and Lipstick Stains Spring Fling Blog Hop!  Over fifty authors and bloggers have joined together to bring you some amazing post, along with great giveaways.  Don't forget to end the rafflecopter to win a Kindle tablet, gift cards, paperback book and swag.  Be sure to check out the other wonders blogs taking part in the hop. I love the Spring.  After going through one of the roughest winters in years, it's a release to see the buds on the trees, and the flowers starting to bloom.  Most of my new projects are brainstormed during the spring months.  Spring to me is the resurrection of myself after a trying winter, especially this winter that kept me in the house.  What I love most about the Spring is Baseball Season.  I am a huge fan, especially the New York Mets.  As a teenager, I spent most of my free time with my best friend, Liz at Shea stadium. There's just something about the smell of freshly mowed grass with the scent of chalk when the wind

MFRW Spring Fever Blog Hop

I am just loving Spring.  When I think of spring, I think of new beginning.  The trees and tulips coming back to life. What I love most about Spring is that my creative juices begin to flow.  It was when I packed my heavy sweat suit way, and walked along the boardwalk on one spring day, a few years ago, that I came up with the idea for The Boardwalk. Spring also brings along the scent of the ocean.  Call me crazy, but when I smell the salt from the ocean, and on a warm breezy day, taste the salt water on my tongue, I am ready to sit down and write. The Boardwalk Excerpt After an accident at work, Brooklyn DeMelli walks every day down at the boardwalk as a way to keep active and have a semi normal social life. She meets up with the regular morning walkers, while enjoying the beauty of the beach and the scent of the ocean. To keep busy she started her own company, making beaded jewelry for parties and flea markets. Mario Morales is the hippy that plays acoust
Welcome to the 2014 Spring Fling Blog Hop.   The spring has always been one of my favorite seasons.  When the flowers bud, it means summer is right round the corner.  There are three things in my eyes that go with Spring... 1.  Roses.  In the spring they start out as buds.  By early summer they bud into gorgeous roses.  Now speaking of debut novel. Here's a peak... Roses The sudden death of her husband sends Nikki Petrino into a tailspin. Three years later, she's still grieving. Mexico seems the perfect retreat to finish her novel.   Musician Drake Dente needs to get back on track and an excursion to Mexico to work on lyrics for his comeback CD is just what he needs.   Can two ships passing in the night bound for Mexico become the love they both need and want? Attraction sizzles and misunderstandings threaten. When Nikki goes missing can Drake find her before it's too late? 2. As March turns into April, then May, the weather begin