Thursday, April 10, 2014

MFRW Spring Fever Blog Hop

I am just loving Spring.  When I think of spring, I think of new beginning.  The trees and tulips coming back to life.
What I love most about Spring is that my creative juices begin to flow.  It was when I packed my heavy sweat suit way, and walked along the boardwalk on one spring day, a few years ago, that I came up with the idea for The Boardwalk.

Spring also brings along the scent of the ocean.  Call me crazy, but when I smell the salt from the ocean, and on a warm breezy day, taste the salt water on my tongue, I am ready to sit down and write.

The Boardwalk Excerpt

After an accident at work, Brooklyn DeMelli walks every day down at the
boardwalk as a way to keep active and have a semi normal social life. She meets up with the regular morning walkers, while enjoying the beauty of the beach and the scent of the ocean. To keep busy she started her own company, making beaded jewelry for parties and flea markets.
Mario Morales is the hippy that plays acoustic guitar every morning at different ends of the boardwalk. The music captivates Brooklyn. Following the muse, she meets Mario who turns out to be a narcotics detective working undercover on a huge investigation. When Mario finds out Brooklyn is inadvertently involved in a drug trafficking ring, it leads to a series of events, which puts Brooklyn’s life in jeopardy, while forming a romantic bond between them.
I love writing books centered around Staten Island.  Through the years we have been referred to as the forgotten borough.  But, I have changed that.  On Staten Island, we have beaches, shopping and beautiful parks, which are all children friendly.  We also have wonderful activities.  Take a few minutes to visit Staten Island's webpage.  Click Here. 
On Staten Island, we are recreating the creative world.


Thank you for stopping by my website.  I will be giving away a copy of The Boardwalk.  Just leave me a comment along with your email letting me know what is your favorite thing about spring. 

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  1. Good luck with your boardwalk story...a walk in the Spring on a boardwalk...perfect!

  2. My favorite things about spring are renewal and birth. Everything has life now. And it's beautiful.

    1. I love the freshness of spring, the new flowers, buds on the trees, young animals in the fields and the birds building their nests.
      Good luck with The Boardwalk, it sounds like a great story.