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Tuesday Tales - Word Prompt - Staple

Welcome to this week's edition of Tuesday Tales. This week I'm sharing with you the opening to my new WIP.    This will be your outcome if you don’t stay away from Charlie.   These words encrypted on two tarot cars had not only haunted her, but had changed the course of her life. Five years later… On a train en route to River Lake Springs, Rachael Ragazzi opened the zipper compartment of her wallet and pulled out back-to-back tarot cards stapled together, where these harsh words were written. To this day it still amazed her how she let these two cards change her fate, causing her to make the biggest mistake of her life.   Making such a brash decision in packing it in and leaving River Lake Springs without thinking things through, had gotten the best of her.   Why would she let tow tarot cards change the direction of her life?   For Christ sake they were only an Italian card game, not a course of living. Thinking back to when she t

Tuesday Tales Bookstore

Welcome to our first Tuesday Tales Bookstore post. This week I'm going to share with you Wild Pitch with is a baseball novella. THE WILD PITCH Blurb : Pia Tallisico loves baseball, she loves the New York Pelicans. On a solo trip to the ballpark she meets Pelican relief pitcher, Lorenzo Marcus, which causes an instant spark between them. As the season progresses, so does their relationship. When a secret Pia buried away slowly unravels, an additional unknown deceitful twist arises. Will Pia's secret cause Lorenzo to walk away from the only woman he ever loved? Excerpt   The game went by quickly, being played in a little over two hours. Her team the New York Pelicans won by the score one to nothing. Games like this, wound up taking more time traveling than the actual time she sat there. Pia got herself a cup of coffee from the vendor cart before making her way through the crowd back to her car. Since she had been so late, thanks to the extra heavy traffic,

Tuesday Tales Picture Prompt

Welcome to this weeks edition of Tuesday Tales Picture Prompt. This is an excerpt from my new cozy mystery novella series.      Connie walked into her brand new kitchen and placed two plastic shopping bags full of baking products onto the kitchen counter. It had taken Pete, the handyman close to two weeks to complete taking half of the two-car garage and turning it into a baker’s kitchen. Today was about the finishing touches.   Taking her wooden spoons out of the bag, she used her wooden garlic press as a utensil holder. Moving to her best friend Sara’s house, in an adult community after her divorce had been a big decision, but one she had to make if she were to move on with her life. She had to start over again, with the first step leaving Staten Island and all her ties behind. Starting a business had been both Connie and Sara’s dream since they were teenagers. There entrepreneur idea went out the window when they both had gotten married and raised a famil