Monday, May 15, 2017

Tuesday Tales Picture Prompt

Welcome to this weeks edition of Tuesday Tales Picture Prompt. This is an excerpt from my new cozy mystery novella series. 

Connie walked into her brand new kitchen and placed two plastic shopping bags full of baking products onto the kitchen counter. It had taken Pete, the handyman close to two weeks to complete taking half of the two-car garage and turning it into a baker’s kitchen. Today was about the finishing touches.  Taking her wooden spoons out of the bag, she used her wooden garlic press as a utensil holder.

Moving to her best friend Sara’s house, in an adult community after her divorce had been a big decision, but one she had to make if she were to move on with her life. She had to start over again, with the first step leaving Staten Island and all her ties behind.

Starting a business had been both Connie and Sara’s dream since they were teenagers. There entrepreneur idea went out the window when they both had gotten married and raised a family. Now twenty something years later, they were both betrayed by their husbands and were in a position to start the second half of their life building on their original dream. Sara’s talent of creating handmade dishes would house Connie’s cookies when they officially starting selling.  

Connie spent the first few weeks living at Sara’s baking cookies, cakes and pastries and leaving samples for the people in the community. She had received many orders, and now with her fully stocked kitchen she would be able sell more.

Since Connie moved down to the Jersey Shore, Sara was trying her best to fix her up with one of the younger men in the community.  One man in particular had captured her eye. Could this be her second chance?



  1. Nice! I love new chances and new adventures!

  2. Awesome excerpt! And I can't wait to learn more about the younger man.

  3. Nice beginning to a new story. I'm liking the women and you know how I love baked goods!