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Happy New Year

With 2011 coming to an end, I want to take a few minutes to thank everyone for their support through the year. My Tuesday Tales has been read throughout the world. Oh what a feeling that I can touch your hearts with my story about Alexandra and Billy. I promise to keep their story alive. Just when you think that they are on the yellow brick road, they will hit forks in the road. Their love is pure, but can their secrets remain that, secrets? I wish everyone around the world a happy, healthy,and prosperous New Year, full of love, health and happiness. Your love and support is priceless. Top Left: Olli under the Christmas Tree Center: My daughter Nicole and Whiskers Lastly: My son Michael with the kitten, Twinkie Happy New Year! Buon anno С Новым годом Joyeux Nouvel An Glückliches neues Jahr Feliz Año Nuevojavascript:void(0)

Tuesday Tales - Wish

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year full of love and happiness. I also like to thank Jean Joachim for orchestrating Tuesday Tales for us every week. Don't forget to read the other awesome Tuesday Tales from a group of talented Author. Click Here. It took Alexandra a few days to assess Billy’s proposition on Christmas Eve. She had gotten lost in the moment and didn’t take the time to think about it before responding. When Billy left Christmas night, she second guessed her decision. Something didn’t add up. The one thing that bothered her was his reluctantly to talk much about his past. Billy never spoke about the restaurants that he worked as head chef for the past fifteen years. Mmm, let me see. Alexandra opened her Mac Book and went to Google, where she typed in Billy Davidson. Before hitting go, she tapped her foot on the oak floor. The past nine months had been flawless. Billy did everything perfect down to bringing her roses or a box o

My Book Cover

This is the best Christmas present I could have gotten. My book Roses will be out in February 2012 by Secret Cravings Publishing. I will keep you posted as we get closer.

Tuesday Tales - Christmas

The scent of freshly baked brownies still lingered through the house. Alexandra sat at the dining room table with a mug of homemade hot chocolate with mini marshmallows floating in the center. In the middle of the table was an angel candleholder, which housed a bay berry scented candle. This Christmas she found the magic that had been missing. When she woke up, she came down to a ten foot fully decorated Christmas tree up, except for the top. Billy brought an untraditional top, a Santa hat with both their names written in multi-colored glitter and lifted her so she could put it on top of the tree. She hadn’t stopped smiling and wondered what else Billy had in store for her. “Can I get you another mug of hot chocolate?” Billy asked placing a dish of just baked brownies in front of her. “No thank you. I still have.” She reached her hand out to him. “Why don’t you sit down? You’ve been in the kitchen all day.” "Just give me a few minutes. I want to grab myself a cup of h

The Twelve Days of Christmas

With the holiday season upon us, it is our time to reflect on the year gone by and start getting together a list of resolutions for the New Year. This is one of my comic relief poems...what I call the quick pick me upper when the muse comes to a halt. On the twelfth day of Christmas, my critique group sent to me Twelve hours of nonstop writing, Eleven great plots with a twist, Ten true to life characters, Nine boxes of tissues, Eight books on writing, Seven bottles of liquor, Six packs of post-it-notes, Five colored pencils, Four reams of paper, Three black ink cartridges, Two laser printers, And a brand new apple computer. I’d like to wish all my fellow writers and readers a Happy and Healthy Holiday season. I hope the New Year brings forth all your dreams come true.

Tuesday Tales - Holiday

Alexandra tied the belt around her red and white fleece robe, the one Billy had waiting for her after making love. Billy had strategically planned out the day and didn’t miss a single thing. The matching robes added the finishing touches, leaving her hungry for more days like today. Billy must have added more legs to the fire while she slept. A green and red wool blanket with reindeers covered her naked body when she woke up. The smell of freshly baked scones took over the room. Before she called out to him, Billy appeared at her side two mugs of coffee, two small dishes and a basket full of scones and muffins on her grandmother’s metal tray, placing it down on the floor in front of the fire. The tray brought back so many memories of her grandmother who took it out every year at the Holidays. “Breakfast is now being served by the fire.” “I see.” Billy handed her a mug. A cinnamon stick replaced the spoon and whipped cream in the shape of a bell floated in the center of the m

Tuesday Tales - Fire

Alexandra wiped the ice off her black and white ski pants. For the past hour, Billy and she had been ice-skating on the lake down the road from her house. Billy stole the show with his strategic skating steps, while she spent most of the time on her butt. She’d fall, Billy would pick her up, and then she’d skate a few feet before landing back on her butt again. The day was just perfect with the scent of snow heavily evident. Every time she took a deep breath, she’d exhale, seeing her breath. She hated the cold weather and seeing your breath, definitely wasn’t a good sign. It only meant that winter has arrived, with the snow to shortly follow. She fell again, this time right on her butt. This time she went hysterical. Looking across the pond, Billy skated, and when he saw her down, he skated across the pond. “I think it’s time to call it a day,” Billy said, helping her up one last time. “Yeah, I think you’re right.” Within minutes, she had her skates off and UGGS on. “I’d