Monday, December 05, 2011

Tuesday Tales - Fire

Alexandra wiped the ice off her black and white ski pants. For the past hour, Billy and she had been ice-skating on the lake down the road from her house. Billy stole the show with his strategic skating steps, while she spent most of the time on her butt. She’d fall, Billy would pick her up, and then she’d skate a few feet before landing back on her butt again.

The day was just perfect with the scent of snow heavily evident. Every time she took a deep breath, she’d exhale, seeing her breath. She hated the cold weather and seeing your breath, definitely wasn’t a good sign. It only meant that winter has arrived, with the snow to shortly follow.

She fell again, this time right on her butt. This time she went hysterical. Looking across the pond, Billy skated, and when he saw her down, he skated across the pond.

“I think it’s time to call it a day,” Billy said, helping her up one last time.

“Yeah, I think you’re right.” Within minutes, she had her skates off and UGGS on. “I’d like to know how you learned to skate like that. Dear God Billy, you put me to shame out there.”

“Sorry.” He reached down and picked up her skates. “I played hockey throughout high school and college. That’s where my fancy footwork came from,” he laughed.

“I guess ice skating is one of those sports that when you don’t skate for thirty years, you forget how to.”

“Nothing to worry about. We will come out again. You need to break in your new ice skates.”

“At least we were the only ones here today, so I don’t feel like I made a complete idiot out of myself.” Pointing to herself, “Look at me. I’m wet from head to toe.”

“And you look beautiful.”

“You’re a charmer.” She sneezed and covered her mouth with her white wool gloves.

“God bless you. I got to get you home quickly and set you down in front of the fire to warm up.”

“I can’t wait.”

Billy squatted down. “Jump on my back and let me give you a piggy back ride home.”

“You’re kidding?”
“Nope. Come on.”

Alexandra put her arms around his neck. When Billy stood, she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“I’ll have us home in no time.”

Alexandra couldn’t help but feel like a kid. Being an adult didn’t mean you had to follow the adult rulebook. Being with Billy had brought out the kid in her, a part of her she had forgot about.

Leaning against Billy she smelled his cologne that always jingled her insides. The scent of pine trees reminded her of the weekends she spent with her parents at her grandparents’ cabin in the winter. Marshmallows on a skewer would be one of the first things they did when they got into the house along with a cup of hot chocolate.

“At last, we have arrived.” Billy opened the door, and carried Alexandra in and placed her down on the red and green microfiber reindeer blanket that he set down earlier.

“This is wonderful. When did you have a chance to set this all up?”

“Earlier when you went to change into the ski suit I got you.”

“Oh Billy.”

“Give me a minute. I also made homemade hot chocolate that I need to heat up.

“You are so full of surprises.”

“You keep telling me that.”

When Billy disappeared into the kitchen, Alexandra slid off the ski pants. Underneath she wore black leggings, which remained dry. She rested against the black leopard pillows Billy had apparently snuck in and stared into the fire.

The aroma of chocolate overpowered the firewood. Billy returned and set down two oversized mugs of hot chocolate and a tray of assorted cookies.

“Again, you have made my day perfect. I don’t want this day to ever end. I want to embellish the moment and add it to my journal.”


Alexandra smiled and nodded.

“Do you write about me in there?” he asked pushing her hair behind her right ear.

“Maybe,” she blushed. “I like to write about what goes on in my life during the day. It’s just for myself. It’s a good way to express my happiness and disappointment without burdening anyone.”

“That’s why I’m here with you. I want to be the one that shares your joys and kisses away the tears.”

“And I’d love that too. Today couldn’t have been anymore perfect.”

“I just want to make you happy.”

“And you do. I love the little things you do for me. Those are the things that make being with you even better.”

Alexandra sipped her hot chocolate. “This is incredible. What brand did you use?”

“I used my own secret recipe. I never use store bought.”

“And these cookies?”

“All made from scratch.”

“Billy, my mind is roaming.”

Billy put his arm around her shoulder and kissed her lips. “Tell me more.”

“I mean it. You should think about opening a cafĂ©. You’d do so well. These,” she paused to take a bite of a vanilla/almond tasting biscuit, “taste like nothing I’ve ever tasted before.”

“Oh,” his voice rose. “You think it’s something that you’d be interested in doing with me?”

“Absolutely.” She turned in his arms and touched his face. “I think you have something here. When we dropped off the leftover turkey and platters of cookies earlier at the shelter, they went crazy over the cookies. I had no idea you made them.”

“I love baking. I always baked with my grandmother at the holidays.”

“I have a wonderful idea. Why don’t we make platters of cookies and bring them down to the church. I know they do a food drive, but I bet people would love to have deserts too.”

Billy took her face between his two hands and softly kissed her lips. “That’s what I love most about you. You are always thinking about helping others.”

“I have to admit that I am being a little selfish too.”

“Like how?”

“Making cookies and delivery them means I spend more time with you.”

“Baby, you can spend as much time as you want with me. All you have to do is say the word.”

Alexandra took a deep breath and leaned against Billy’s shoulder. She finished her hot chocolate, placed her glass beside her, before leaning back to look at Billy. The flames from the fire sparkled in his eyes revealing his sincerity and yearning.

“I’d like if you would stay with me tonight by the fire.”

“I had the same thing in mind, as you can well see. I want to see the fire in your eyes when I make love to you.”

Alexandra didn’t answer, instead she leaned into him, feeling his hardness against her upper thigh and started the night with a long passionate kiss.

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  1. They are such a cute couple. I love following their story but you leave us hanging as it gets to the steamy part by the fire.

  2. I enjoyed the sweetness of your 'tale'. The revelation about Billy's passion for cooking added depth to his character for me as a new reader here.

  3. This is such a beautiful story you have going here

  4. Thank you ladies. And welcome Sherry! Sherry - You are really going to enjoy reading all the wonderful tales every week by such a wonderful group of authors.