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Tuesday Tales - Word Prompt Fly

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales. The story picks up where Jill and Robbie are at Strawberry Fields, in Central Park in New York City. This is a work in progress and has get to be titled. Their afternoon in Central Park was flawless. They spent an hour at Strawberry Fields listening to different musicians perform their rendition of their favorite Beatle's songs. The slow ones they danced as a couple, the fast ones they sang along with the crowd. Jill couldn’t be more pleased with the way the afternoon had gone. The only thing missing, to make it a perfect afternoon was feeling Robbie’s lips pressed against hers. As the sun started to set, Robbie took her hand and led her to the fountain where they sat in silence watching the orange colored sky turn into darkness. Robbie stood first before reaching his hand out to Jill.   “After all that singing and dancing, I worked up a hell of an appetite.” “To be honest, now that we stopped dancing,

Tuesday Tales - Word Prompt - Write

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales to the Word Prompt - Write. This is a Contemporary Romance which is untitled. Thanks for stopping by. Robbie stepped out of the elevator first, holding his hand out to Jill. She slid her hand into his as he led her outside into the blast of cold air. Despite the ice cold weather, Jill forgot how beautiful Manhattan looked with a fresh layer of snow hanging off the trees. As a teen her parents had brought her to Rockefeller Center to go ice-skating.   She always loved the freedom she felt skating around, in and out of the crowds. “Are you up for a short walk?” he asked squeezing her hand. Jill lifted up her left foot and pointed at her Uggs boots.   “I am good to go.” “Perfect because I love walking around in…”he trailed off. “Are you going to tell me where you’re taking me?” “I’m going to share with you the one place that sooths my soul.” Jill had no idea where he was taking her.   Not that it matter.   Sh

Tuesday Tales - Word Prompt Smudge

Welcome to this week's edition of Tuesday Tales to the word prompt Smudge. This is a WIP and is untitled. Jill followed the blonde haired secretary into the long oval office. In the center of the room was a long table with only five chairs occupied.   Her eyes immediately scoped the room until her gaze met Robbie’s, who sat grinning at her. “Can I get you a cup of coffee, tea or a cold drink?” she asked. “No, thank you.” A tall young man dressed in jeans and shirt and tie, stood. “Come in Ms. Reed. Please take a seat next to Robbie. I’m Mr. Nelson. But you can call me Gary. We are informal here.” Jill shook his hand. “Please, call me Jill.” “I planned on.” Jill sat, turning her chair sideways so she could see everyone sitting at the table. As Gary introduced the producer, director and head writer, Jill made a mental note to remember each man’s name and title. In front of each of them were a binder, highlighter, pen and two