Monday, January 30, 2017

Tuesday Tales - Word Prompt - Track

Welcome to this weeks edition of Tuesday Tales. We are continuing with the story of Jill and Robbie.
That night, Jill lay in bed for the longest time not being able to fall asleep. She had come back to New York with a plan, which consisted of getting a job, finding a place to live and finally working on her memoir. But instead, the plane wasn’t even twenty minutes off the ground when she met Robbie, landing herself a job before she even got off the plane. She had to keep her life on track. Meeting Robbie derailed her original plan. Renting the cottage from Robbie made the transition to New York much smoother. But falling for him was the last thing on her list.
“Good morning,” Jill sang, walking into Robbie’s kitchen.

“Hey. You’re just in time. I squeezed some fresh orange juice, made a batch of corn muffins with pieces of corn in them and freshly ground coffee.”

“Wow. I didn’t realize you were domestic too.”

“I’m not. Would you believe that I’m just trying to impress you?” he asked, his cheeks growing rosy.

“Yes.” She giggled.  “And no, you don’t have to do that. I usually don’t eat breakfast and if I do, it’s dry cereal out of a coffee mug.”

“That’s going to have to change. We’re going to be working long hours on the sitcom.  Since you’re the head writer, you can do most of the writing out here, but once a week we have to meet at the studio for an meeting with the staff and the actors.”  Robbie placed a glass of orange juice and a dish with an extra large corn muffin in front of her.  Next he brought the coffee and the vanilla creamer.

“Thank you, Robbie. I’m not used to being served.”

“I thought we’d get an early jump on shopping this morning. I’d like to spend the afternoon going over and tweaking the script. I’m hoping to have the script ready to go so we can have a meeting on Thursday morning.”

“When will we start shooting?” she asked, eating a piece of muffin.

“The executive producer wants to have at least the first six episodes ready to go. He feels that will give us enough leeway to get to know the characters and see where they bring us.”

“That’s what we’d do on the soap. Sometimes one particular character would just take over the story, opening up so many opportunities.”

“Since the show has two stories running parallel to one another, we have to make sure the characters and scenes are in synch. You are going to love the two other writers on staff.”

“I usually get along with everyone. I’m always open to any constructive criticism that will make the plot stronger. I believe in team work.”

Robbie nodded. He finished this breakfast and brought his dishes to the sink. Jill felt he was a little off this morning. Robbie wasn’t his usual cheerful self. He seemed somewhat withdrawn as if something lay heavily on his shoulder.  Should she say something? Or just ignore his solemn mood.

Going with her instincts she stood, brought her dishes to the sink and turned the water on to wash them.

“You don’t have to do them.”

“Not a problem. It will just take me a few minutes. Why don’t you pour yourself another cup of coffee?”

Jill quickly cleaned the dishes and muffin pan in the sink, placing them into the drain board. She’d leave the dishes for him to put away.  When she finished, she turned around to watch Robbie pacing back and forth in front of the kitchen island.

“Robbie, what’s wrong? Did I do and say something to make you seem so out of sorts?”

“No. You didn’t do anything. I just have something important on my mind.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

Robbie stopped pacing and walked within inches of Jill. “I think I would. There’s just something that’s driving me crazy that I have to get off my chest.”

“Tell me?”

Robbie moved her hair off her face, leaned into her and kissed her lips. Against her better judgment, she went with heart, wrapping her arms around his neck, responding to his kiss.

The ink isn’t even dried on my divorce papers. But this time it felt real…not good.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt

Welcome to this weeks edition of Tuesday Days. I chose the fireplace as Jill gets comfortable in her cottage. Thanks for stopping by.

Jill closed the door when Robbie disappeared behind the pine trees and walked into the living room where Robbie had a started a fire. Sliding her coat off, she flung it over the arm of the couch before plopping down on it. This transition was going to be earlier than she had imagined, except for the weather. She’d take the California sun year round. But one thing was for sure, nothing at all is like living in New York.

Her cell phone rang, startling her, but immediately a smiled appeared on her lips. “Hi Jill. Sorry for bothering you, but I wanted to make sure everything was okay,” Robbie asked.

“Everything is just perfect. Thank you so much for lighting the fire. When did you light it?”

“While you were freshening up in the powder room. I wanted to make sure your first night was perfect.”

Jill stood and walked into her bedroom where her suitcases waited to be unpacked. “Thank you again for your hospitality. You have done a wonderful job of making my transition here easier for me.”

“You’re welcome. Do you need anything before I call it a night?”

“No thanks. You’ve done enough for me. Maybe tomorrow if you aren’t busy, you can bring me shopping for winter clothes.  I only have a couple of long sleeve shirts, and no heavy sweaters. I also need to pick up some groceries.”

 “It’s a date. Before I forget, I left you a bottle white wine in the refrigerator and a red one on the counter. I opened both for you. If you need anything, give me a call.”

“Thank you, Robbie.”

“When you’re ready, come up in the morning for breakfast. Good night.”

Jill’s heart palpitated. Just admit it. You’re falling for him.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Tuesday Tales - Word Prompt Train

Welcome to this weeks edition of Tuesday Tales to the word prompt train. Don't forget to visit the other awesome authors.

Jill sat back on the couch with her legs resting on Robbie’s lap. As he massaged her feet, she felt a feeling of calm. She didn’t know what her game of action would be if he pursued anything more. The question at hand was did she want something more?

“Can I get you more coffee?” Robbie asked, letting go of her feet.

“I’m going have to pass. If I have more coffee I’ll be up all night.”

“I have no doubt you’ll be up all night.” Robbie stood. “I have the perfect drink for us to have by the fireplace.”

Jill watched Robbie walk into the kitchen. This wasn’t the situation she had in mind for the night.  Did she excuse herself and walk out to her cottage in the back, claiming she was exhausted? And if she did, what would he think? She knew this was the wrong decision moving into the cottage on his property. Through all the years, she never mixed business with pleasure. She never went out with her staff. She never wanted to form a friendship with them, making it uncomfortable when she needed to correct them or reprimand them.

Robbie returned with a wooden tray and placed it down in front of the fireplace. “I thought we’d have a cup of cappuccino before we turn in for the night.” He walked over to Jill and led her over to the fireplace.

They sat down and Jill leaned against the cocktail table to face the fireplace.

“Cappuccino! My favorite.” Jill couldn’t help but giggle when she saw the whipped cream with a cherry on top and on the rim, a chunk of chocolate. “This is so sweet. I appreciate you going out of your way.”

“This is my favorite too. The chocolate was a kiss ass presentation that I know how to make a cup of coffee look gourmet.”

“You did a wonderful job impressing me.”

Robbie blushed. He extended his long legs out toward the fireplace and leaned against the cocktail table next to her. “I’m trying to make you feel at home.”

“Thank you. I appreciate it.”

Robbie lifted the cup off the tray and handed it to Jill. “I thought this would make the perfect nightcap.”

“It is.” Jill smiled. Once again she misinterpreted a single act of thoughtfulness. Why was she always on edge, looking too deep into things?

“Then my job is done.”

Jill took the piece of chocolate off the rim off her cup and took a bite.  “Mmm. How did you know dark chocolate is my favorite?”

Robbie laughed. “A good guess? But all kidding aside, I noticed that every time you reached for a piece of chocolate you went after the dark.”

Jill was surprised that he took notice of the small details. She lifted her cup up to her lips and took a sip. “Aw delicious.”

“So I see.” Robbie reached out and with his index finger he ran it across her upper lip. “Looks like you left some cream behind.” He held out his finger laced with whip cream and licked his finger.

“Oh no! Do I have whipped cream all over my face?  How embarrassing.”

“You’re fine.”

Jill glanced at the clock on top of the mantel. “I loved dinner,” she said, standing up. “But it’s getting late and I still have to unpack my luggage and work on the show.” Reaching down, she grabbed her shoes and slid them back onto her feet. She had to train herself to leave before things got a chance to get out of hand.

“I’ll walk you to your cottage.”

“Thank you.”

They walked out the back door and along the side of the pool to the cobblestone path leading to her place. Jill opened the door, and turned to face Robbie. “Thanks for such a lovely welcome.”

Instead of answering, he leaned into her, touched her cheek and softly kissed her lips. Surprising herself, she kissed him back as her heart raced with desire. This wasn’t the way she expected her evening to end. It was too soon. She didn’t know what she wanted, but she didn’t have to worry about making any kind of decision.

Robbie took a step back. “I think it’s time for me to leave.” He winked at her before walking down the cobblestone path back to his house.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Tuesday Tales – Word Prompt Coffee

Welcome to this weeks edition of Tuesday Tales to the word prompt coffee. This week the prompt feel right into my tale as last week they were eating coffee. It is cold and snowy in Barnegat, New Jersey. So it is the perfect week to grab that cup of coffee and enjoy the tales from this wonderful group of authors. 

Over dinner they discussed the sitcom, with Robbie telling her how excited the producers are with the quality of her work. After cleaning up the dinner dishes, Robbie led her into the living room
and added wood to the fireplace. Jill sat down on the couch across from the fire and watched Robbie. When he stood, he pivoted in his black lace leather shoe to face her.

“I thought we’d have dessert by the fire, if that’s all right with you?”

“I’d love to.” Jill stood. “I’ll pour the coffee and bring it in.”

Robbie held up his hand. “No. You are a guest in my house. I want you to sit back and get comfortable. All work related talk is off the table as of now.”

“I couldn’t agree more. But I’m not sure what else we have to talk about,” she kidded.

 “There is plenty to discuss. I need to know more about you, then your writing skills. I have a feeling there is so much about you that will account for the great dialog that escapes from your mind and out onto the paper. You are someone special.”

“Don’t be silly. I was just born with these crazy plot ideas.”

“Hey did you forget you are talking to a fellow writer. Your past has bearing on your present. The deep writing you have, tells me that you’re a woman with a definitely interesting past.” Before she replied, he said, “You stay right here.
I’ll be back with the coffee and the Italian cheesecake I made. Make yourself at home.”

“Thank you.”

Jill walked over to the fireplace and rubbed her hands together.  The heat of the fire felt good. She hated the cold weather, so her feeling was the hotter the better.

Looking around the room, you would know it was a bachelor pad. There was no indication of any female presence in his home.  She wanted to know more about him, yet, she wasn’t sure she wanted to get wrapped up into any personal relationship with him. As she told him earlier, mixing business and pleasure wasn’t the smartest thing to do especially when they were working together.

“That’s my mother and father,” Robbie said, putting the tray down with the coffee mugs and dishes. He walked over to where Jill stood and placed his hand on her shoulder.

Jill looked from the picture to Robbie. “I think you look like your dad with your mom’s eyes.”

“That’s what everyone says.” Robbie slid his hand under her chin, lifted her eyes up to meet his. “It’s okay, both my parents are still alive.”

“So are mine.” Jill smiled. “We are the lucky ones.”

“Yes we are. I need to spend more time with them.”

“Same on my end.”

Robbie took her hand and led her back over to the couch. “Sit down, relax.” He waited for her to sit before he cut her a piece of cake and placed her coffee mug down
on the coaster in front of her. “This is my great grandmother’s secret recipe.”

Jill took a forkful and smiled. “This is really good. You can’t get cheesecake in any bakery that tastes like this.”

“Thank you.” Robbie took a sip from his mug. “Are you comfortable?”

“Yes,” she said, crossing her legs.

Robbie leaned over, untied his shoelaces, slid his shoes off and placed them by the side of the couch.  Jill wondered if she should do the same. And if she did, would she be sending him out the wrong signal.

“You have nothing to worry about,” he said, as if reading her mind. “I was going to suggest we sit in front of the fire while we have our coffee.”

“I’d like that.”

Before she could stand, he had already bent down in front of her and slid her high-heeled shoes off her feet.  As his hand glazed her feet, she shivered from excitement not from the cold. Hmm…I think I loved that feeling.  Now what?

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Tuesday Tales Word Prompt - Point

Welcome to this weeks edition of Tuesday Tales. I've been gone for a couple of weeks, so it sure feels great to be back here sharing my tales. I'm continuing with my story about Robbie and Jill. Their story started when they met on a plane coming back to New York City. They shared a common interest with Robbie getting Jill a job being part of a team writing for a new T.V. sitcom. Robbie offered her the cottage in his backyard. She accepted and was going to Robbie's for dinner....

Robbie poured a little more wine into Jill’s glass once she finished her dinner. Jill was amazed how well Robbie was able to cook a homemade Italian dinner from scratch, down to his own salad dressing.

“I have to admit that everything was delicious. Where did you learn how to cook like that?” Jill asked, taking a sip of her wine.

“My grandmother taught me how to make authentic Italian food. She had told me it was essential to be able to cook for the day that I would need to impress a special lady with my cooking.”

“You grandmother should be quite proud of you. You totally impressed me.”

Robbie rolled his eyes up to the ceiling. “I’m sure she is up there watching.”

“I know she is.” He smiled. “And I’m sure she’s happy that I met that special lady when had been talking about for all those years.”

Jill crossed her legs and sat back in her chair. This whole situation wasn’t supposed to have happened. In the short amount of time she had known Robbie, she already had a job and an apartment, no wait, a cottage in the backyard of Robbie’s mansion. The last thing she had ever dreamed of was meeting a man on the way home from her former life.

“I wouldn’t say special. I’m just like any other women with plenty of baggage.”

“I don’t want you talking like that. Your whole life has opened up for you.”
Robbie lifted up his wine glass and tipped it toward her. “And you deserve everything that is happening for you. It was handed to you. You’re the one who came up with the scripts that the executive producer loved.”

Jill nodded her head. “Yes, you’re right. I don’t know why I am always second guessing myself.”

“That’s my point. You shouldn’t be. It takes me a long time to let someone into my life, my inner circle, but with you, I saw something different.”

“And I can never thank you enough.”

Robbie stood and extended his hand out to Jill. “Before we clean up, I’d like to bring you over to see your cottage.”

“I still feel like I’m living in a dream. I can’t believe you have arranged all of this for me. Once I see how much room I have, I can go out furniture shopping tomorrow.”

Robbie walked along the slate pathway, leading to the cottage. He opened the front door and handed her the key. “Go ahead, go in, and take a look.”

The charm on the inside was exactly the same on the inside. The living room was fully furnished. It was decorated as if he could read her mind. “Oh my. This is beautiful.”

“You can change whatever you don’t like. I had some furniture already here. I just had everything cleaned and added the personal touch that I thought you might like.”

“Like? I love it.” Jill strolled across the room to the lit fireplace. “I love everything. I can picture myself sitting in front of the fireplace writing.”

“And you will. We don’t need to be in the office every day. We do meeting all over. We do have to be on set once the filming starts, but until then, generally, everything done is done via Skype. The producers feel it’s more productive than having the writers drive countless hours in and out of the city.”

“I couldn’t agree more. I have my computer in your house. If you’d like to get it, maybe we could sit in front of the fire and talk about the new character I have created.”

“I was thinking more in terms of sitting in front of the fire and talking about what’s going on between the two of us.”

Jill took a deep breath as Robbie walked up to her. “Do you think it’s wise to mix business with pleasure?” she asked.

“I’d think it would be a sin if we didn’t.”