Sunday, January 01, 2017

Tuesday Tales Word Prompt - Point

Welcome to this weeks edition of Tuesday Tales. I've been gone for a couple of weeks, so it sure feels great to be back here sharing my tales. I'm continuing with my story about Robbie and Jill. Their story started when they met on a plane coming back to New York City. They shared a common interest with Robbie getting Jill a job being part of a team writing for a new T.V. sitcom. Robbie offered her the cottage in his backyard. She accepted and was going to Robbie's for dinner....

Robbie poured a little more wine into Jill’s glass once she finished her dinner. Jill was amazed how well Robbie was able to cook a homemade Italian dinner from scratch, down to his own salad dressing.

“I have to admit that everything was delicious. Where did you learn how to cook like that?” Jill asked, taking a sip of her wine.

“My grandmother taught me how to make authentic Italian food. She had told me it was essential to be able to cook for the day that I would need to impress a special lady with my cooking.”

“You grandmother should be quite proud of you. You totally impressed me.”

Robbie rolled his eyes up to the ceiling. “I’m sure she is up there watching.”

“I know she is.” He smiled. “And I’m sure she’s happy that I met that special lady when had been talking about for all those years.”

Jill crossed her legs and sat back in her chair. This whole situation wasn’t supposed to have happened. In the short amount of time she had known Robbie, she already had a job and an apartment, no wait, a cottage in the backyard of Robbie’s mansion. The last thing she had ever dreamed of was meeting a man on the way home from her former life.

“I wouldn’t say special. I’m just like any other women with plenty of baggage.”

“I don’t want you talking like that. Your whole life has opened up for you.”
Robbie lifted up his wine glass and tipped it toward her. “And you deserve everything that is happening for you. It was handed to you. You’re the one who came up with the scripts that the executive producer loved.”

Jill nodded her head. “Yes, you’re right. I don’t know why I am always second guessing myself.”

“That’s my point. You shouldn’t be. It takes me a long time to let someone into my life, my inner circle, but with you, I saw something different.”

“And I can never thank you enough.”

Robbie stood and extended his hand out to Jill. “Before we clean up, I’d like to bring you over to see your cottage.”

“I still feel like I’m living in a dream. I can’t believe you have arranged all of this for me. Once I see how much room I have, I can go out furniture shopping tomorrow.”

Robbie walked along the slate pathway, leading to the cottage. He opened the front door and handed her the key. “Go ahead, go in, and take a look.”

The charm on the inside was exactly the same on the inside. The living room was fully furnished. It was decorated as if he could read her mind. “Oh my. This is beautiful.”

“You can change whatever you don’t like. I had some furniture already here. I just had everything cleaned and added the personal touch that I thought you might like.”

“Like? I love it.” Jill strolled across the room to the lit fireplace. “I love everything. I can picture myself sitting in front of the fireplace writing.”

“And you will. We don’t need to be in the office every day. We do meeting all over. We do have to be on set once the filming starts, but until then, generally, everything done is done via Skype. The producers feel it’s more productive than having the writers drive countless hours in and out of the city.”

“I couldn’t agree more. I have my computer in your house. If you’d like to get it, maybe we could sit in front of the fire and talk about the new character I have created.”

“I was thinking more in terms of sitting in front of the fire and talking about what’s going on between the two of us.”

Jill took a deep breath as Robbie walked up to her. “Do you think it’s wise to mix business with pleasure?” she asked.

“I’d think it would be a sin if we didn’t.”