Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt

Welcome to this weeks edition of Tuesday Days. I chose the fireplace as Jill gets comfortable in her cottage. Thanks for stopping by.

Jill closed the door when Robbie disappeared behind the pine trees and walked into the living room where Robbie had a started a fire. Sliding her coat off, she flung it over the arm of the couch before plopping down on it. This transition was going to be earlier than she had imagined, except for the weather. She’d take the California sun year round. But one thing was for sure, nothing at all is like living in New York.

Her cell phone rang, startling her, but immediately a smiled appeared on her lips. “Hi Jill. Sorry for bothering you, but I wanted to make sure everything was okay,” Robbie asked.

“Everything is just perfect. Thank you so much for lighting the fire. When did you light it?”

“While you were freshening up in the powder room. I wanted to make sure your first night was perfect.”

Jill stood and walked into her bedroom where her suitcases waited to be unpacked. “Thank you again for your hospitality. You have done a wonderful job of making my transition here easier for me.”

“You’re welcome. Do you need anything before I call it a night?”

“No thanks. You’ve done enough for me. Maybe tomorrow if you aren’t busy, you can bring me shopping for winter clothes.  I only have a couple of long sleeve shirts, and no heavy sweaters. I also need to pick up some groceries.”

 “It’s a date. Before I forget, I left you a bottle white wine in the refrigerator and a red one on the counter. I opened both for you. If you need anything, give me a call.”

“Thank you, Robbie.”

“When you’re ready, come up in the morning for breakfast. Good night.”

Jill’s heart palpitated. Just admit it. You’re falling for him.


  1. Awww, looks like the girl has sweet love headed her way. I love how considerate he is of her needs.

  2. Ooh, he is so thoughtful-- no wonder she is falling for him. Great description, and the last line makes it perfect.

  3. Who wouldn't fall for a guy who takes such good care of you? Loving these two.