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Secret Cravings Publishing Contemporary Romance Blog Hop

This weekend Secret Cravings Publishing is celebrating Contemporary Romance Novels.  There are many author participating, with lots of giveaways. 

On April 15, 2014, Survival, the last book in the Mystical Wonders Series was released. The series follows the lives of four friends, through their triumphs, sorrows, love and happiness. 


Shari's home is the center-point of the story, the only one, which isn't submerged under water.  Madison and Dino are trapped in their crawl space as water has swept through home. Sophia is at work when a tidal wave hits and she is swept away, holding on to the chandelier for dear life.  Cassie and Antonio are stuck in the police precinct, with the only way out is climbing through the metal grate in the ceiling up to the floor above.  Fay gets from Italy to England where she is trying to get a flight home to make sure her daughter Heather and her friends are safe.

With no electricity, landlines or cell phones in service and the streets flooded out, the women have no way to contact each other or know if the other is in despair.  The women turn into survival mode with each knowing their survival is necessary to help their friends.



Sophia cleaned up her desk. The past hour she did more work than she had done all week. In her office closet, she finally had time to straighten up the bins filled with her centerpiece supplies. This time, she hand wrote a list of everything in the bins, before proceeding to make a spreadsheet. She always seemed to buy the same supplies multiple times.
From what she had seen, all she needed to buy were small and large organza bags. Her clients all loved the small goody bags she made. She sat down behind her laptop. Just as she started to place her order, she heard a loud crash followed by the sound of glass breaking. A chill rushed through her. She flew out of her seat, opened her door and walked down the hallway. The howling wind came from the room overlooking the ocean. Noticing her feet were wet, she stopped dead in her tracks. Looking behind her, the floor remained dry. Could it be someone overflowed the toilet in the main lobby? Yuck.
Continuing down the hall, she heard another crash along with more shattering of glass. For certain, something wasn’t right. The closer she got to the room, the higher the water rose on her calves. She unbolted the two wooden doors. The moment she turned the handle and opened the door, water hurried at her.
Sophia held onto the door handle tightly as the entire lobby was engulfed. When the surge started to recede, she stepped cautiously into the hall. To her left, the glass French doors leading to the boardwalk were floating toward the entrance door.
When the wind slowed down, she stared out the doorway. The waves were breaking feet away from the boardwalk, pushing the sand up onto the wooden walkway and into the hall. Pieces of wood and garbage floated past with some pieces drifting into the hall. As the wind began to pick up again, so did the tide, which started to break again even closer to the boardwalk.
In the distance, she spotted a person in a bright orange jacket trudging toward her, waving. Sophia returned the gesture as she watched him fight the wind and rain. By now she had become completely wet. Licking her lips, it wasn’t rainwater on her tongue, but ocean water. The taste of salt evident.
“Lady, get out of here,” screamed the man as he approached her. “Go home while you can. The ocean is getting fierce. The streets are filling up with water.”
“I can’t. The doors are gone. Anyone could come in,” Sophia yelled above the howling wind.
“Look at the sky, lady. Those are funnel clouds. Get out of here. I’m heading home to my family.”
Sophia pushed her wet hair behind her ears. “Okay. I will go. Come with me. We will go out the front doors.”
The short stocky man followed her through the catering hall. Sophia heard him yelling something else, but couldn’t understand his words. As she walked through the opening into the lobby, something hit her from behind sending her across the room. Oh my God. What the hell is happening?

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  1. I feel like I can relate to the characters

  2. They take me away from the insanity that is my life for a while.

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