Monday, August 27, 2012

Tuesday Tales – Bridge

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tale. This week the word prompt is Bridge. Visit other awesome stories from a group of talented authors at: TUESDAY TALES.

Pia followed Lorenzo out onto the promenade deck. The night had been perfect. This turned out to be quite the unique way to go out on a date. Now it was time to work off the deserts they ate. She hoped her sugar level hadn’t escalated too high. As soon as the warning signs started, she’d excuse herself and take her medicine. The last thing she wanted to reveal to a stranger her struggle with diabetes. It wasn’t necessary to reveal such a personal secret.

“Thanks so much for desert. Everything tasted delicious.”

“You’re welcome.” Lorenzo walked next to her, his arm touching hers. “I love this place. They make the best deserts ever.”

“Especially the white chocolate covered strawberries. They were awesome.”

Lorenzo smiled down at her, the moonlight shining in his eyes. “I want to show you something special.”

Reaching his hand out, she dropped hers into his. The roughness of his hand leaning against her soft skin felt good. Pia quickly took a peek at Lorenzo who stood so tall and muscular. The wind blew his blond hair that lay floppily all over the place.

“Here we go.” Lorenzo stopped and leaned against the railing. His hand dropped from her and pointed out to his right. “This is my favorite view in all of New York City.”

Pia turned around to the view of both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge all lit up. “Oh Lorenzo, I forgot how beautiful the view is from here. I haven’t been here in years. I never take the time to come on the promenade deck. You know the story, always in a rush.”

“Rushing around,” he shook his finger, “is no good. I learned that when I’m not on the road, I have to take a step back. Nights like this rarely happen.” He rested his hand on her shoulder. “Fate has a funny way of working.”

“Yes it does. Tonight was so unexpected, in a good way.” Pia rested her head against his shoulder. “And I have my car to thank for it.”

“Which I promise to get fixed for you. There will be no excuses why you can’t come to the games especially when I pitch.”

Pia turned in his arm to face him. “Why would I make excuses?”

“Because I know tickets are hard to come by. But you have nothing to worry about. I’ll make sure I leave tickets for you at the VIP ticket window.”

Pia pinched herself from laughing. Every time she became nervous, she laughed. “I would love that. But would I be overstepping my boundary by asking for an extra ticket for me best friend Lisa. We always go to the games together, except for tonight. Looks like fate again.”

“Meant to be,” he chuckled.

Lorenzo brushed his fingers along her cheek. Pia lifted her head until their eyes met. He leaned down and softly kissed her lips. When he stepped back, Pia was disappointed, yet happy that he showed her respect.

In the distance the church bells rang once. Pia glanced at her watch. “Oh dear. It’s one o’clock.”

“Wow, that went fast. I guess we should start heading home. I want to get your car to the station before I have to be at the stadium.”

Lorenzo took her hand as they walked to the car. Before she got in, he rested his hand behind her head, leaned in and kissed her forehead. “Tomorrow it’s dinner after the game.”




  1. And again a great scene from the story.

  2. Very romantic. I love the way you described the feel of his hand in hers. It put a smile on my face.