Monday, August 05, 2013

Tuesday Tales – Smooth


Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales to the word prompt - Smooth.  This is a rough draft so please excuse the mistakes.  Hope you enjoy.


Dinner had been wonderful.  Lorenzo had taken her out to an Italian restaurant, where he ordered all her favorite foods.  Not once during dinner did he mention anything about then. The conversation had been general with them talking about the weather, the baseball season.  After dinner they drove down Hylan Boulevard to Father Capodanno.

“I thought we would take walk along the boardwalk before stopping at the South Finn for a night cap.  What do you think?” he asked pulling into the parking lot by the dolphins.

“I’d love that.  I have my pair of flats in my pocketbook.

“That’s great.  This way I don’t have to worry about the heel of your shoe getting caught be
tween the boards.”

He opened her car door.  She slid out with Lorenzo sliding his fingers through her.  Pia took this as a good sign.

“How about we sit outside?  I know you aren’t keen on the greater outdoors, but it’s such a beautiful night out.”

“I’d love to.  As long as we’re together, it doesn’t matter where we are.”

Lorenzo held her chair out.  By the time he sat down, the waiter stood by their table.  “What can I get for you?”


“Chocolate martini.”

“Beer for me.”

“We have the perfect seats to watch the sunset,” Pia said sitting folding her hands on the table.”

“A lot went on during the past road trip.”

“I know.  Again I am so sorry for putting you through all of this.”

“I have to be honest with you.  I did have a friend of mine check things out.  Believe me, your friends Lisa and Larry were smooth.  Real smooth.  And they would have gotten way with it if your friend Lisa didn’t become guilty.”

 Pia lifted the chocolate martini the waiter placed in front of her and took a sip. “I’m sorry.  I never meant to cause you to doubt me or my love for you.”

“I know.”  Lorenzo reached over and covered her lips.  “It’s okay.  Something else has turned up that I need to discuss with you.”

“You’re scaring me,” she said glaring at him who had yet to look in her eyes.

“Nothing to be scared about.  Maybe shocked.”

“Shocked?”  she covered her face with her hands.

“I was traded to Houston.”

“You were?  Oh my God what does that mean?”

“I leave for Houston first thing tomorrow morning.”

She bit her bottom lip, stopping herself from crying. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry.  This is a wonderful opportunity for me.  And I want to bring you along with me.”

“You do?”  she asked, her eyes bulging wide open.


“What does that mean?”

“I’ll tell you as soon as you give me an answer.”



  1. Pia, go home and start packing! Oh I hope she decides to go with him. *Anxiously chewing on fingernails*

  2. Oh she'd better say YES YES YES :D So hapy with this piece!

  3. Awesome. I hope she goes with him. AND I want that martini pictured. Looks yum.

  4. It sounds like a perfect ending! Hope she's taking Lorenzo up on it! Great job!

  5. Go, Pia, go!! Do I sense a proposal coming?? Maybe??

  6. Okay Karen, you're not allowed to keep us guessing.

  7. I can see a proposal coming her way ..... YEAH !!!!

  8. Hope she does the right thing.