Monday, June 24, 2013

Tuesday Tales – Hand

Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales to the word prompt hand.  This is the continuing story of Lorenzo and Pia.  Please keep in mind that this is unedited.  Hope you enjoy this weeks tale.  

Throughout dinner Pia sat on edge.  The conversation between the two of them had been very general.   A conversation with a stranger had more depth to it.  Her heart ached.  Another thing she noticed was he didn’t look her in the eyes. 

There was also very little contact between the two of them.  Just once, he touch her hand during dinner and that was when he reached over to take the dish of olive oil to dip his bread into.

Pia played with the food on her plate, hardly eating.  She managed to eat half her dinner, not wanting to totally waste the food.  Pushing her dish to the side, she looked up at Lorenzo, whose eyes were on her.

“You are beautiful.  I didn’t realize until now just how beautiful you are on the inside.  Sadness doesn’t do well on your face.”  Lorenzo reached out, touching her face.  “Would you like some desert?”

Pia thought for a second before a smile broke loose on her lips.  “How can I pass on something sweet?”

Lorenzo signaled the waiter.  “Pia will have a cappuccino, no whipped cream.  I’ll have espresso.  For dessert, chocolate covered strawberries along with the sampler of sweets.”

“Lorenzo!  So much sweets,” she said when the waiter walked away.

“Sweets for my sweetheart.”

Pia smiled.  Lorenzo must have forgotten that she was a diabetic.  A few pieces of sweet wouldn’t hurt her.  She’d just excuse herself, go into the bathroom, and take her medicine.

Lorenzo waited for the waiter to place their coffee in front of them before leaning forward.  “I think we need to take about what’s going on.  I need to know the whole store from the beginning.  You’re story is so obscure that it’s very hard to believe.”

“I know you find the story hard to believe, but it’s true.  My best friend and my business partner set this all up years ago.”
“I still don’t understand.  How do you not know this?”

“They must have drugged me that night.  The marriage was a hoax.  They somehow confiscated a seal and forged a marriage certificate.  I never slept with that creep.”

“Honestly, what you did before you met me has no bearing on our relationship.  We both have pasts.  What pissed me off is that you kept this from me.”

“I swear to you, I was going to tell you about it over dinner that night.  I had no idea Lisa was involved in any of this until she finally admitted it to me.”

“When did you find out about this?”

“Right after you left for your two week road trip.  The whole thing devastated me.  Lisa was checking into things so I could have answers before you returned.  I was shocked to find out my best friend betrayed me.”

The waiter brought over a platter of cakes, placing the dish of chocolate covered strawberries in front of her.  Lorenzo picked up the small navy blue plate.  He placed three small pieces on his dish before filling his dish with the same thing.

Pia dug her fork into the first piece, which turned out to be Italian cheesecake.  “Delicious.  Taste like the one my grandmother used to make for the holidays.”

Lorenzo took a bite.  “Yummy.” 

Pia continued to try the different cakes and pastries. “Did you try this one?” she asked, sticking her fork into the cake and holding it out to his mouth.

Lorenzo opened his mouth and Pia continued to feed him cake.  Things seemed like they used to, but yet she still felt some tension lurking over them.

“Can I ask you something?” she asked Lorenzo finishing her cappuccino.

“You want another one?”  he asked pointing to her empty cup.

“Yes I would.”

Lorenzo lifted up her cup to the waiter.  “Another round for both of us. Now,” he said sitting back in his chair.  “What is it that you wanted to ask me?”

“Is everything okay between the two of us?” Pia asked keeping her eyes on him.

Lorenzo kept his eyes in her gaze.  “I want it to be.  I couldn’t wait to come home to you.”

“What are you trying to tell me?”

“I love you, but I’m having a hard time understanding why your friend and business partner would screw you over.”

“I love you too.  I just wish I had answers for you.”


  1. The lingering tension of a broken trust. It's hard to overcome. I hope they're able to do it.

  2. Awww - so glad these two are back together. AND the pics are looking delicious!!!

  3. It seems like they`ve worked through the worst of things, thank goodness!

  4. I love that they're talking. Lorenzo is such a hottie. This is a great story. I hope they can completely patch things up. The food shots are amazing! *drol*.

  5. I'm glad to see things are starting to heal between them and I want, nay demand, to know why her best friend and that other man wanted to screw her over.

  6. I'm with Lindsay, I want to know what's up with that louse of a husband and her best friend.

    Loved the pics of the food to match the story. Nicely done.

  7. I am glad these two are back together. And yeah, I would like to know what was the husband and best friend's plan. I'm intrigued...

  8. Not only do I want to know why they screwed her, too, but I also want to know why her friend admitted what they'd done, or whether this is another stitch-up of some sort.