Monday, September 16, 2013

Tuesday Tales - Glass


Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales to the word prompt Glass.  This is an excerpt from my WIP from Me to You.  Please excuse the errors, for this is a first draft.  This week will show the relationship between two best friends.

Walking down the hall, she made it a point to stop by each of the kid’s rooms.  It seemed like only yesterday that she pointed their rooms and put together cribs. In each room, she packed the things they left behind, finding a part of their childhood. In Richie’s room she found a few tests from high school with marks of twenty and thirty sat behind the radiator.  He knew he would have been punished him for weeks and lectured about how important an education was.
Those were the days that had flashed before her eyes were now over.  What she wouldn’t give to be picking up Barbie accessories
and action figure paraphernalia off the floor

 having her kids back with her again.
“Erika, are you up there?”
     “Yeah, come on up,” Erika yelled down to Sophia, not moving from Gail’s room. 
     Erika knew this was Sophia’s final attempt to talk her out of leaving. The past few months she pleaded with her to reconsider, but her mind was made up.  She sold her house and the movers were coming to pick up the rest of the boxes shortly.
     “There you are,” Sophia greeted her with a hug. “I still can’t believe your leaving.”
     “Yeah, neither can I.  It seems as if it were only yesterday that I moved in here.”
     “I know.  I vividly remember that day.”
     “It was snowing...”
     “Snowing?  It was a blizzard. I remember standing by the window watching the movers carrying your things in, and you yelling at the movers to treat your barrister bookcases as if they were infants.”
Erika laughed.  “Those stain glass barristers 

were my grandmother’s. and I plan on taking them 

to my grave if need be.”
     Sophia eyes watered. It broke her heart leaving her best friend of twenty-five years, however, things had changed and it was time to move on.
     Sophia pushed her shoulder length brown hair behind her ears and wiped her tears with her monogrammed hanky, removing half her make-up in the process.    
“I still can’t believe your moving.”  Sophia slid her fingers along the wait band of her tan linen pants.  “What can I do to change your mind?”
     “We’ve been over this time and time again. Like I told you, it’s time for me to move on.”
     “Are you absolutely sure you are reading to start over again?”  Sophia asked her eyes watering again.
     “It’ll be a challenge that will keep my mind busy.  I’m definitely ready for change.”
     “You have to promise me if things don’t work out, you’ll come back home.”
     “That’s a promise.  You can come visit me whenever you need to get away.”
     “I’m going to be taking you up on that offer sooner than you think.”
     Taking one last look, Erika walked down the stairs into the living room with Sophia quietly following behind.  She walked over to the fireplace, sat on the edge and shook her head with a silly smirk on her face.

     “I’ll never forget the night of the blackout shortly after I moved in,” she began.  “That was the first time we actually sat down and bonded.”
     “That’s right.  Our husband’s were working and when the lights went out, you came outside with a box of candles. You offered them to the neighbors and walked across the street when you saw me.”
     “I asked you if you needed candles, but you said you’d rather sit outside and wait for the lights to go back on.”
“I introduced myself and asked you if you’d like a beer.”
     I said no thank you.  I’m a martini kind of gal.”
“That’s when you offered to make me if I’d like to come across the street and you’d make me an apple martini, which I said yes.”
“We drank and sat on this ledge until the next morning talking about our childhoods and our husbands...”
“And we shared secrets and dreams,” Sophia finished for her as she sat down next to Erika on the ledge.”
“This fireplace has been our meeting place to solve many problems that have occurred throughout the years.”
“I wish it could have solved your problems.”

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  7. Thank you for dropping by and your support. This story will be more on the sweeter side. It will be about two divorced middle aged women starting over.

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