Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tuesday Tales - Hard

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales.  This week we are writing to the word prompt hard.  This is a first draft, unedited, so please excuse the mistakes.

“It's so hard accepting that my husband ran off with a twenty-five year old. I did everything right, always being there for him, and all for absolutely nothing,” Erika said holding back her tears.
“He’s the fool.  People will mistake his girlfriend for his daughter.  He is never going to be able to keep up with her.  Besides, she is so full of herself and nothing to look at.
Erika laughed. Sophia always had a way of saying the right words to make her feel better. But the truth be told, his girlfriend was gorgeous. She didn't have a trace grays or a single wrinkle of her round face.  She was plump in all the right places.  Erika didn’t hate her, she was just envious of her youth.

“The only thing that still hurts is the fact that he made me look stupid in front of my friends, neighbors and most importantly, my children.  I don’t think I can ever forgive him for humiliating me in front of the kids when he brought his girlfriend to the last family get together,” which he should have never been invited to.
“I don’t blame you.  That was real low.  He had no place being at your family party.   He should have never been invited and never made an excuse not to go.

“And he’s the kind of excuses, but that’s all passé now. and I’m going to start anew and rebuild my life.”
Sophia stood and held her hand out.  Erika took her hand stood. “How about I pack my backpack for old-time sake and come with you for a few days to help you get the store up and running.”
“Thanks, but I have a handle on it.  I’ll be okay.”
“Sweetie, you are taking on a big project that needs a lot of work.  How the hell are you going to paint the store and get all the merchandise unpacked?”
“Just as easy as I got it packed.  You saw the store, it’s bigger, more showcases and just so quaint.  The painting should be a snap...I have no doubt.”
“I know you’ll have no problem getting it up and running on your own.  It’s just that...I wish I had our confidence and determination.”
 “But why?  You have it all Sophia.”
“And so did you.  But as you well know, things change.  I’ve changed, Brian changed. I guess deep down in the subconscious of my mind, I wish I had the freedom and adventure you have awaiting you.”
“What are you trying to tell me?  Are you having problems with Brian?”
“No, nothing like that.”  Forcing a smile she said, “I’m going to miss you.  I’m going to miss these girl talks.  We’ve been through a lot the past twenty-five years.  We’ve gone from changing diapers, through the challenging teen years, before sending the kids off to college.”
“Boy is that an understatement.”  Erika couldn’t help but laugh.  Everything she said was so true.  Time flew by in a blink of an eye.
“I have to admit I’m a tad bit jealous of your new beginning.”

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  1. Love the warm friendly relationship the two women have.

  2. I love their relationship, and from my own experience know how it is to leave everything behind and start over. Well done !

  3. It's a tough place to be, starting over, new places, leaving old friends ... you've done a great job putting us in her life.

  4. A new story and already I love it! Are we going to go on a roller coaster ride with these two ladies and their new lives? I hope so. Well done,Karen. As usual.

  5. loving the scene and the supportive friend. I'd like one of those backpacks, too. Looking forward to more of this story.

  6. Lots going on with this and so many unanswered questions, Looking forward to more.

  7. I can't wait to learn more about these two. I love their relationship!