Monday, November 28, 2011

Tuesday Tales - Ice

“Hello.” Billy pushed open Alexandra's door with his shoulder while struggling with the bags in his arms. “Alexandra, are you home?”

“I’m upstairs. Give me a few minutes to finish putting the laundry away and I’ll be right down.”

“Take your time. I’ll put up a pot of coffee.”

Billy placed the packages on the counter, put up the coffee and got to work. From one of the bags he took a red cotton tablecloth with green and white embroidered poinsettias bordering around the edges. In another bag he grabbed two crystal candlestick holders along with long green candles with silver bells engraved within the candles.

No doubt Alexandra would love the table. She always paid attention to and loved minor details. And when it came to him, she acted like he was the only one in the world, at the moment. She always paid close attention to him, making sure she attended to all his needs, without showing any vulnerability whatsoever.

The more time he spent with her, the deeper he fell in love with her. He thought he had found love when he met her as a kid, but being with the teenage girl, he always dreamed of, strengthened his love for her even more.

He added a few more logs to the fireplace. They would want the house nice and hot when they got back from their new adventure.

“Hey.” Alexandra walked down the last two stairs directly into Billy’s arms. “I can smell the coffee all the way upstairs. What do you do to it to make it smell as taste so good?”

“It’s my secret ingredient.”

“Are you going to tell me?”

“’I’m going to tell you a lot of things,” he snickered not taking his eyes off Alexandra. “I have another special day planned after we have coffee. Speaking of which, why don’t you bring the milk and sugar to the table.”

Billy watched Alexandra grab the milk container and walk into the dining room. The minute she entered into the room, he heard her gasp.

“Billy, the table looks amazing. What a lovely surprise. You totally astonish me every time.”

“Anything for my girl. I saw it when I past Bed, Bath and Beyond and said my girl would love this.”

“And I do. It brightens up the room.”

Alexandra sat next to Billy who sat at the head of the table. In the beginning, that was the seat she claimed, but as the months went by, she left that seat open and took the one to his left. It took him some time, but he finally began to feel comfortable around Alexandra, not afraid to be himself.

“Now about that secret ingredient.”

“It’s a touch of cinnamon and cocoa powder.”

“I have those things?”

“You didn’t but you have now.”

They both laughed out loud, something else they always did when they were together. His friends were always laughing at him. He guessed it was because he had trimmed his hang out time with them. While they laughed, he built a relationship with Alexandra that was priceless.

“Thank you. You are always full of surprises.”

“Then be prepared for the next.”

“Which is?”

Reaching for a bag that he put on the chair, he removed it and handed it to her. “Have you ever gone ice skating?”

“Ice skating? Years ago.”

“Then this is perfect.” He took a black and white heavy sweater out of the bag, along with snow pants and a pair of white ice skates.”

“Oh dear, these are gorgeous. I use to have a pair like this when I was a teenager, except mine had red pompoms on them.”

“I thought we’d go ice skating down the road at the pond. I’m sure the ice is thick enough.”

“Without a doubt. It’s been freezing out the past few weeks.”

“That’s why I got you these heavy clothes. We’ll ice skate, and come home and snuggle by the fire.”

“I’d like that. But you have to promise that you’ll make another pot of this coffee when we get home.”

“It’s a deal.”

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  1. This is developing into a beautiful story.

  2. Love this budding relationship, Karen. It feels very real and I feel like a fly on the wall watching them. I especially enjoyed seeing the scene from Billy's perspective this week. Nice job!