Monday, May 12, 2014

Tuesday Tales - Word Prompt Mother

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales to word prompt Mother.  I'd like to wish all the ladies a Happy Mother's Day. This is the next scene from my WIP.

Erika was taken back by her gesture.  Sophia wasn’t one to cry or show any emotion.  The last time she cried was at her mother’s funeral over ten years ago.  Even then, she made a quick recovery explaining she understood he was sick and that it was his time.
The pain Sophia had been enduring all this time became evident, something she didn’t see cloud with her own divorce.  Reaching out, Erika placed her hand on Sophia’s shoulder as Sophia rested her head against her chest sobbing.
“Talk to me.  What’s going on?”
“I don’t know where to begin.”
“Before you start, tell me why didn’t confide in me that there were problems in your marriage?”
“I wanted to but the timing wasn’t right,” Sophia said wiping her tears.  “The night I came over to talk to you is the night I saw you sitting on the porch in the dark on that old dilapidated wooden rocking chair with bloodshot eyes and tears streaming down your cheeks.  Do you remember?”
Sighing, “How could I ever forget.  That was the night I told you about Richie’s infidelity.”  Erika covered her mouth with her hands and gasped for air. “I’m so sorry Sophia I occupied your time with my problems, when you needed my shoulder to cry on.  I feel absolutely awful.”
“Don’t.  I wanted to be there for you.  My problem was just a hunch. I sorted through things, making sure I collected ample proof of what I thought was going on.”
“And do you?”  Erika asked hoping the answer was no.
“Yes I do and it sickens my stomach knowing what went on under my roof all these years.”  Half laughing she continued, “you will be quite impressed in the way I caught him.”
“You have my curiosity at an all-time high.”
“Oh, you are going to love this.  I guess I’ve been reading too many romance mystery books.”
“Since when do you read romantic mysteries?”
“Since you’ve carried the complete line of Lady Mysteries in your store,” she laughed.  “I guess you didn’t realize I was used your book café as a library. Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.  Now come on and tell me.”
“You’re going to laugh, but I got the idea of using the old baby monitor to nail him, when I had it in my hand and was about to throw it in the garbage,” Sophia proudly stated.
“You lost me. What does the baby monitor have to do with nailing your husband?”
“I’m not going to tell you, I’m going to show you.”  Pointing to the door she asked, “when do you expect the movers?”
“I’m not certain, but I think probably within the hour.”
“Good,” she said grabbing my hand, “then you have time to come across the street. I’ll show you exactly what I did.”
Sophia held onto her hand as they walked across the street to her big white Victorian house.  A white picket fence surrounded her house. To Erika it represented the perfect enclosure for the perfect couple.
“Come on in.  I’m going to show you exactly what I did.  You’re never going to believe it, in fact you are going to be quite proud of the fact I thought of it.”
“You’re losing me.  Let’s go back to the baby monitor.  What does any of this have to do with it?”
“I’m sorry I’m confusing you.  It’s just that it is so hard for me to talk about this.  I feel so ashamed and worthless.”
“Oh no, don’t ever think that.”
“When you hear the story you will understand why I am feeling the way I am.”


  1. Okay, now you've got me. What, exactly, did she do with the baby monitor? Love where this story is going.

  2. I want to know what the baby monitor has to do with it too!! Lovely dialogue and interesting exchange between them.

  3. eavesdrop by baby monitor? can't wait to find out

  4. I'm hooked with this and the use of the baby monitor is so perfect.

  5. Liked the dialogue and interested about the baby monitor as well.

  6. Clever use of the baby monitor to explain how she found out. :)