Monday, January 16, 2012

Tuesday Tales - Broken

When the Bee Gee’s song, “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart”, played on the radio, Alexandra turned it off. If she would have listen to it, she’d be crying all over again.

The past two weeks have been hard on her. She hadn’t spoken to Billy at all. He continued to call her every day, leaving her a message on her cell phone, but she refused to talk to him. There were just too many unanswered questions.

Alexandra should have known better than to get herself involved. But it was too late to second guess her decision. She could kick herself in the ass for trusting him. It wasn’t that he lied to her, he just chose to leave out the finer details of his life, the important things, which led her to think about what else he wasn’t revealing.

Wandering around the house, she couldn’t relax. Damn it, she missed him. She wanted to believe in him. She wanted him. Her cell phone rang and she ran across the room for the phone, only to be disappointed to see the word unavailable scrolled across the screen. It was almost eleven o’clock at night. Billy wouldn’t be calling anymore.

She was torn between wanting to give him another chance and then dreading another situation like this. This emotional roller-coaster was taking a toll on her. A decision had to be made on what she would do. Maybe she should give him another chance, put her cards out on the table.

Why did she let herself fall in love with him? He broke her heart. Not because he cheated on her, but because he wasn’t honest and upfront.

She wanted to call Dee and get her advise, but decided against it. This was a decision she needed to make without anyone persuading her either way. Whatever she decided, she had to live with.

And then there was the café. This was a project that she wanted to be a part of. At this stage in her life she was tired of working the eight to four job. She was always a people person, and at her job, all she did was sit at her desk, shuffling papers, making phone calls and telling people what do to. She was ready for a hands on job, one that was constantly evolving, one that she would be working with Billy by her side.

Searching herself, these past few days, she realized she had to stop trying to sabotage her relationship with Billy. She was always afraid get hurt. Billy owed her an explanation, and this time she wanted to hear it all. She didn’t want him to hold back. What could he possibly be mixed with that he didn’t want her to get involved in?

Alexandra didn’t want to give up on her relationship with Billy. Tomorrow, if Billy called, she would meet with him. She wanted to iron out the problems in their relationship. But it would be the last time she’d give him a chance to explain. She would make it a point to tell him, no more secrets. Just that he called her every day, multiple times a day, proved to her that he really loved her.

Tomorrow, she hoped would answer all her questions and reunited her with Billy.

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  1. Great inner dialogue and such a hook, too.

  2. Thank God! For a while there, I thought she was really going to give him up! Then I'd have to smack her...and then you!!! Love these two. Go for it! Open the cafe with Billy and be happy!! Love this story, Karen.

  3. It's certainly easy to feel that "emotional roller-coaster" she's on. You've done a great job in showing her inner turmoil.

  4. Thank you ladies for stopping by and reading my story. I'm happy that you're enjoying it.