Sunday, January 08, 2012

Tuesday Tales - Lies

Yes, their adventure began. Over the course of the next few weeks, Alexandra and Billy searched for possible locations for their business venture. Out on her own, Alexandra found a store front, which stood vacant between a hair salon and dry cleaners. From the outside, it looked like a shoe box, but inside there was over a hundred feet of open area. To the right stood a long mahogany bar and the kitchen was located in the back of the cafe. The highlight of the place, the selling point was the brick oven, in the basement that had been dormant for years.

Excited with her find, she raced to Billy’s house, thrilled to see his black BMW sat in the driveway. She wanted to bring him to see the property. She had placed a thousand dollar binder down earlier to hold it. This was a rare find and she would be damned if she’d let it slip through her fingers.

Ring…ring….ring Why wasn’t he answering the door? Quickly she tapped his number into her cell phone, not one, not twice but three times. She had the touch screen. Everyone told her she’d get use to it, but she would be happy with her original flip phone.

After calling and ringing the bell for close to fifteen minutes, Alexandra started to walk back to her car when she heard yelling coming from the house. Alexandra tried her best to make out whom the other voice belonged to besides Billy and didn’t recognize it. The other man words were loud and muffled, making it impossible for her to hear what he was yelling about.

Alexandra got back into her car and sped down the street, almost hitting the tail end of the car at the end of his driveway. What the hell was going on? It wasn’t like Billy not to answer the door, let alone the phone. She had an eerie feeling about this. There were still so many unanswered questions. Something told her that Billy wasn’t being completely honest with her about a lot of things. And there were still those a few years left unaccountable for. It seemed that every time she asked him a question he would put her off and change the subject. Alexandra would be damned if she didn’t find out what the hell was going on.

She was home for just a few minutes when the phone rang. Billy’s name showed on the screen. Hesitating, she decided to let it go into voice mail. Taping the numbers one, two and three onto the screen she sighed when the voice said she had six new voice messages. Rolling her eyes, she listened, pressing the number seven after only hearing a couple of words. Funny how she was on the do not call list, yet still got calls constantly on her cell. She made a mental note to call the cell phone company later on.

Just as Billy’s message played, the doorbell rang. The last message was from Billy letting her know he was on his way. Alexandra pressed end and opened the door. Billy stood with a dozen pink and white roses and a bottle of champagne.

“Here you go honey.” Billy handed her the flowers and kissed her on the lips.

“What are the flowers for?” Could it be guilt?

“For your find. I stopped by the place you told me about and made an offer.”

“You did? I thought we were in this together.”

“We are. You found the perfect place and I signed the contract.”

“I thought we were signing it together. I thought we were partners.”

“We are.”

“Then why didn’t you call me to meet you there? And why didn’t you answer your door when I stopped by earlier?”

“Probably, I wasn’t home.”

“Don’t lie,” Alexandra lashed out. “I was at your house. I called you and rang your bell. You were in the house arguing with a man. What the hell is going on with you?”


“Don’t give me that shit. I’m not stupid. I’m tired of all the secrets. You have turned into mystery man. Just when I thought things between us couldn’t get any better, things have gone down hill.”

Alexandra walked into her kitchen and placed the roses down on the kitchen counter. Billy hadn’t followed her into the kitchen. At least this gave her a few minutes to get her thoughts together and stop the tears from flowing.

Where did she go from here? Does she trust him? Let him explain like the last time. But he swore to her there were no more secrets. And there he stood in front of her saying he wasn’t home.

Billy’s hand touched her shoulder. Taking a deep breath, Alexandra turned to face him. Keep your cool.

“I’m sorry baby. I don’t want you to get involved in certain things.”

“No.” Alexandra shook her hands. “I’m not letting you do this to me. Whoever was in the house with you was pissed. I couldn’t make out what was being said, but I heard him cursing you out, calling you a loser.”

Billy leaned against the kitchen counter and covered his face with his hands. “I believe in us. I have never betrayed us.”

“I’m having a hard time believing you. I think it will be best if we part ways.”

Billy’s eyes narrowed and stepped closer to Alexandra. “You don’t mean that.”

“I do.” Alexandra bit her top lip, trying her best not to shed a tear. “I think it would be best if you leave.”

“Give me a chance to explain.”

“There is nothing to explain. This is the second time I have caught you in lie.”

“But the café. That’s our project.”

“It is. But for the time being, I need time to think and figure out what I have to do.”

“I love you Alexandra.”

Billy lifted her chin and she stepped back. “I love you too, but this isn’t about love. It’s about trust. So please respect my wishes and give me some time to access this latest event.”

“But the café…”

“I have nothing more to say now.”

Alexandra walked to the door and opened it as Billy followed behind her.

“Can I call you tomorrow?”

“I’d rather you just give me time.”

Alexandra closed the door behind Billy. Leaning against the door, she covered her face with her hands and let her tears flow.

A special thanks to Jean Joachim for all her hard work in keeping Tuesday Tales going. Take a few minutes to check out the other wonderful tales at: Tuesday Tales


  1. If she gives him up I might have to smack her! Or...I could take him myself. You surprised me this week. Keep going, lady, I love the story.

  2. There are plenty of twist in this story. Every time I think they have it made you make them jump through another hoop. Great hook.

  3. Thank you ladies. What a difference a story makes with word prompts. This is taking me places that I never thought existed.