Monday, February 06, 2012

Tuesday Tales - Love

Billy and Alexandra remained in each other’s arms under his black satin sheets. The smell of their lovemaking remained evident in the room, along with the smell of the meal Billy had cooked and they had yet to eat. Alexandra wanted to lay there all night with him. The warmth of Billy’s body felt good against hers. But the sound of Billy’s stomach growling caused him to stir.

Kissing the top of her head he said, “I’m starving.”

“I must admit, me too. I hope dinner isn’t ruined.”

“Not at all.”

Billy slid out of bed and put on his jeans. “I’ll be in the kitchen warming everything up. Take your time.”

Alexandra freshened up. The only thing that she hadn’t taken with her was her black eyeliner. Most of her makeup had been wiped away during their lovemaking. For tonight, the natural look would be in.

This time, she paid attention to the small details, which made the night so special. Earlier, she hadn’t noticed the centerpiece of fresh flowers and the cloth tablecloth and napkins that he had apparently ironed. There wasn’t a crease to be found.

“There’s my girl.” Billy pulled out Alexandra's chair for her. “I can’t wait for you to try all my specialties.”

“Neither can I. How many things have you prepared?” Alexandra asked placing her napkin on her lap.

“To be honest with you,” he placed a dish of salad in front of her along with a espresso colored wicker basket filled with bread on a matching navy blue cloth napkin. “I have an arterial motive behind you coming here for dinner tonight.”

Raising her eyes to meet his gaze she asked, “You mean there’s more to tonight than you making love to me?” Alexandra dropped her eyes to the salad and bit her bottom lip not wanting him to see her smirking. She loved kidding around with him.

Billy chuckled. “Yeah there is.” He handed her a fork. “Go ahead and try it. Let me know what you think?” he asked sitting down across for her.

Alexandra took a fork full and rolled her head from side to side. “Dear God, Billy. This is awesome. The dressing is unique. I taste a hint of fennel and red pepper.”

“You’re good. I crushed them both and just put a pinch of each.”

“I love it."

“I was thinking of putting it on our menu. What do you think?”

Alexandra paused for a beat. It took her a few minutes to comprehend what Billy was up to. This was no ordinary meal. This meal consisted of items he wanted to place on the menu. And the dishes too. “I think this would be a perfect item on the menu.”

Billy looked at her with a serious look drawn on his face. Alexandra knew that he wasn’t sure how to react to what she had revealed. After letting silence fill the room for a few minutes, Alexandra went hysterical.

“I knew what you were up to the minute I walked in. What gave it away were the different smells that lingered flawlessly together. I imagined walking into our café. The scents so light yet distinguishable.”

“Wow. You cease to amaze me.”

“There is more to the café than food.” Alexandra picked up her dish. “I love these. I think they would be perfect for the table.”

“I thought the same thing. But they are overpriced and we need a lot of them.”
Alexandra rested her hand on Billy’s. “I think we should go with it, the food, the dishes and silverware, down to the linens. I love everything you have picked out.”

“How did you know?” his eyes gleamed.

“I see it in your eyes and I feel your excitement.”

“But I want you to love it too.”

“I do.” Alexandra continued to eat her salad, took a piece of bread and dipped it into the oil. “Please sit down and eat with me.”

“I will. I just have to bring in the rest of the food.”
Sliding her chair back, Alexandra stood up.

“No.” Billy stood up and waited behind her chair for her to sit. “I want you to sit down and relax.”

“I want to help.”

“Nope. Just like you tell me. Now relax. I’ll be right back.”

Alexandra nodded. It felt good to have someone take care of her. Once they opened the café, they would be working their butts off every day probably with little down time for themselves.

Billy returned with all the food on a serving tray. He placed everything on the table, put the tray on the other end and made her plate.

“I thought this would be a start. I need for you to be honest with me. If you don’t think it would work in the café, then tell me and I’ll find something else to replace it.”

“I have a feeling that everything will be just perfect.” She stuck her fork into the bow tie macaroni and slid it into her mouth. “Oh dear God. This is incredible.”

“Thank you,” he grinned. “I have faith in my cooking, but I value your opinion. I don’t want to get too gourmet that it turns people off, and I want to keep the cost down, yet offer quality food.”

“I agree with you. And the appetizers,” she pointed, “look awesome. I love the carrot and tomato garnish.”

“So you think what I have prepared is okay.”

“Okay? I think it’s perfect. And I’m sure you have already put it on the menu.”

“No, I did not. I penciled it in, waiting for your approval, because we are in this together. I want you to be happy with everything.” He reached over and ran his fingers along her cheek.

Alexandra placed her hand over his and slid her fingers through his. “Are you going to show me the menu you started making?”

Billy grinned and kissed the top of her forehead. “I have it in my office.”

“So what are you waiting for? Go and get it. I can’t wait to see it and put my two sense in.”

“Be back in a minute.”

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  1. I'm so happy they have overcome their differences and obstacles and are finally going to have the cafe together! Will this story continue or are your going to start a new one? Love Alexandra and Billy.

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  3. This is unfolding into a marvelous story except for the constant food references that I can only read about, not try. They make me hungry

  4. Loved the interplay between these two! Great use of the 5 senses here!

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