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Tuesday Tales - Airport

Alexandra went into surgery and Billy was escorted into the waiting area where the two officers were sitting, having a cup of coffee waiting for him. With everything going on, he had totally forgot about the interrogation squad waiting for him. Now he had all of thirty seconds to decide if it were the right thing to tell them about Ralphie and his past. This wasn’t part of the plan.

As soon as the officer saw him walk in, they were on their feet. “Can you guys just give me a few minutes? I’d like to get a cup of coffee.”

“No problem,” Gallo said. “It’s funny that you would ask for one, and I bought an extra one just a few minutes ago,” he said handing him a paper cup.

Billy took it from him, and mumbled, “Thank you,” before slouching into the worn out beige leather seat.

“We understand your situation, but we need to ask you a few questions about what happened outside your café earlier.”

“I understand. I’ll tell you whatever you need, to catch the bastard who hurt my sweet Alexandra.” Billy took a sip of coffee, his eyes fixed on Gallo.

Gallo took out his pad and sat across from him, sitting on the edge of the chair. “Do you know of any reason why anyone would want to harm Alexandra?” he asked.

Billy bit his top lip and closed his eyes for a moment. All he could see was Alexandra falling to the floor. He had to tell the truth, even if it meant him getting into trouble. His father was right when he warned him that his past would eventually catch up to him, stating all good things come to an end.

There were consequences for his actions fifteen years ago. He got away with doing things that others, if caught would have spent years in prison for. But now, he had no other choice. He had to protect Alexandra, no matter what the cost.

“No one wants to harm Alexandra. The gun shot was intended for me.”

Gallo’s eyebrows shot open. “Interesting. And why do you say that?”

Billy leaned forward in his chair and covered his face with his hands to hide his tears. His past was ruining his future. He had to tell the whole story. If not, there might be another incident and he wasn’t going to risk anything happening to Alexandra.

“Okay.” Billy removed his hands from his face. “This was because of something I did fifteen years ago.” Standing up, he walked over to the window and watched the cars flying up and down Hylan Boulevard. “I was young.” He turned around and sat back down across from Gallo and his partner. “I was just starting out and needed money. Problem is I borrowed from a friend of the family.”

“I don’t get it.” Gallo turned to his partner. “O’Brien to do get it?”

“Not at all.”

“Listen, this is hard on me. But the bottom line is I don’t want anything to happen to Alexandra again because of my past mistakes.”

Gallo tapped on his pad with his pen. “Continue.”

“I borrowed money and paid it back. But when I did borrow the money, I got caught up in doing deliveries in and out of Brooklyn.”

“What kind of deliveries?”

“At the time I didn’t know I was delivering drugs, but when I found out, I continued to deliver until I paid him back all the money I borrowed.”

“So you illegally borrowed money. And while you paid it back you were a runner for the mob. Is that correct so far?” Gallo asked.


“So why would he be taking random shots at you if you were all squared away?”

“Because he was looking for a cut of the café. He ….”

“He? Who is he?” Gallo asked.

Billy sighed. “Ralphie Liotta.”

Gallo looked at O’Brien and then back to Billy. “Was it Ralphie Liotta who shot Alexandra?”

“I don’t know. It was dark out and the car windows were tinted. I didn’t see anyone. Just heard the gun shot.”

The door of the emergency room opened and an older man dressed in light blue scrubs stood at the door. “Billy Davidson.”

Billy leaped out of his chair. “Yes.”

“I’m Doctor Hackman,” he extended his hand. “If you follow me, I’ll take you to see Alexandra.”

Billy turned to look at Gallo and O’Brien who nodded their head. Following behind, the doctor stopped outside of Alexandra’s room.

“Alexandra will be fine. I removed the bullet from her forearm and I expect a full recovery after extensive physical therapy.”

“But she’ll be okay right?” he asked.

“I can assure you she’ll be tossing pizza’s up in the air in no time.”

“Thank you doctor.”

“I’ll be in to check on Alexandra in the morning. I have to run to the airport to pick up my daughter and grandson.” Touching his shoulder he said, “Don’t worry, she’ll be all right.”

Billy opened the door. Alexandra lay there hooked up to multiple monitors with tubes all over the place. He walked to the side of her bed, leaned over and kissed the top of her head before sitting in the old metal chair with a tear in the seat next to her bed. All night he waited for her to wake up, but feel asleep while waiting.

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  1. Clever way of working the airport in - and I'm glad to see that Alexandra is going to be fine.


  2. I'm so glad to finally find out what happened when Billy was younger. Now we need to know who shot Alexandra, exactly. Love this story!

  3. Fab post. Very intriguing. I want to know more. :D

    Nicely done


  4. I wondered how you'd get the airport into this one. Wonderfully done.