Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tuesday Tales - Flowers

I'd like to thank all my readers who have stopped by to read about Billy and Alexandra's journey.

Billy never left the hospital. He spent the evening in the small waiting room down the hall from Alexandra’s room. Leaving the hospital wasn’t an option. God forbid anything happened to Alexandra, he wanted to make certain he was only seconds away.

All night long he couldn’t get Ralphie out of his mind. He knew the kind of man he was and what he was capable of. And when he found out that he ratted him out to the police…forget about it. Ralphie would make sure he paid for opening his mouth. But, if it meant protecting Alexandra, so be it.

A hand touched his shoulder causing him to quickly stand. He turned and faced an elderly woman with a nametag, which read, Volunteer.

“Mr. Davidson, why don’t you go down to the cafeteria and get yourself a cup of coffee and something to eat.”

“I want to be close, just in case.”

“You will be. Go ahead, get yourself something before the next shift comes in. They won’t let you bring anything in here.”

“I don’t know…”

“Everything will be okay.”

Billy hesitated, not sure if he should trust her. But there was something in her eyes that put him at ease. And besides, he would only be gone for ten minutes tops. It wouldn’t take him that long to get a cup of coffee and a bagel.

“Thank you. Can I get you anything?”

“No thank you Mr. Davidson.”

Billy took the stairs instead of the elevator and continued to keep track of the time. He ordered the extra large coffee and a bagel with cream cheese. The last thing he felt like doing was eating, but his body screamed for a caffeine fix and fuel.

It took him a little over ten minutes to get his breakfast. If the lady in front of him didn’t have such a big coffee order, he would have been done is less than five. The elevator doors opened, and Billy got off. He walked down to the little waiting room at the end of the hall and sat in the same seat that he was in all night. From where he sat, he was able to see straight down to Alexandra’s room, the perfect seat.

Just as Billy took his first bite of bagel, he spotted something different from down the hall. He had this view perfected to the point he knew when the nurse went into her room to replace the intravenous bag. Something had caught his eye.

Standing, he placed his coffee and bagel down on the table, and slowly walked down the hall, being careful not to be seen by anyone at the nurses station across from Alexandra’s room. Billy looked over his shoulder at the empty nurse station and walked into Alexandra’s room. His suspicions were correct.

On her nightstand, tall navy blue vase sat, with a huge bouquet of different colored assorted flowers. Billy shook his head and rubbed his eyes. “Where the hell did this come from?” he asked, the woman volunteer who just told him everything would be okay.

“What?” Mr. Davidson.

“The flowers,” Billy said, walking into the room and lifting the vase.

The silver haired lady volunteer stood in the doorway of Alexandra’s room just shaking her head. “I don’t know, Mr. Davidson. I left the nursing station for only a few minutes to go to the room over there,” she pointed to the room two doors down from Alexandra, “I didn’t hear anyone.”

Billy put the vase down and held his head between his hands. Glancing over his shoulder he saw the volunteer standing behind the desk and then looked back to Alexandra. He walked over to the bed, pulled up the chair and sat down right next to her bed. That was it. He wasn’t going anyway. Someone was playing games and he wasn’t going anywhere until he found the underlying cause of it.

Then, a white piece of paper caught his eye on the shiny white floor. He bent down and picked up the mini envelope. He pulled the card out. The words: Somebody’s watching you, were typed in red and taped onto the card. Before he could react, Alexandra called his name.

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  1. I love this surprise. You sucked me in then slipped this under the door, so-to-speak. The story is heating up and I like that. Well done, Karen.

  2. Very good drama and suspense. I love Billy's devotion to Alexandra.

  3. Hmmm I hope he's righ to trust the volunteer. Love the way you build on the tension again.

  4. The tension you have at the end is great.