Monday, May 21, 2012

Tuesday Tales – Pie

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales. I'd like to thank everyone who stops by to read the adventure of Billy and Alexandra. Don't forget to checkout the other great tales at: Tuesday Tales.

I'd also like to take a few minutes to mourn the loss of Donna Summer and Robin Gibbs. They were icons in the music world, especially during the disco era. They will be missed terribly, but will forever remain in my heart, being a constant reminder of all the happy memories in my life.

Billy got off the elevator with an extra large cup of coffee and a slice of key lime pie. He had arrived a little too late to the cafeteria to get some real food. A nice quarter-pound hamburger with cheese would definitely hit the spot, but he wasn’t going to leave the hospital.

He walked into the tiny waiting room and sat on the chair facing Alexandra’s room. As he sipped his coffee, an eerie feeling came over him. Something wasn’t right. Billy walked into the corridor and walked to the nurse’s station. Vera, the red headed RN sat behind the desk.

“Good evening Billy. How’s Alexandra’s doing today?”

“She’s doing a lot better, thank you.” Leaning on the top of the desk, Billy looked around. “Where is everyone tonight? Especially the elderly volunteer.”

“What elderly volunteer?”


“We haven’t had a volunteer here in months.”

Billy folded his hands behind his head and walked into Alexandra’s room. Everything looked fine. Alexandra was sleeping with the pink and white fleece blanket he had bought for her when she said the thin white quilt wasn’t keeping her warm. He returned to the nurse’s station where another RN named Barbara sat next to Vera.

“I have to ask you again,” he said, looking at Vera. “Are you sure you don’t know who Rachael is?”

“Sorry Billy, but no.”

Barbara leaned back in his chair. “Are you talking about the cute little elderly volunteer?”

Looking from Barbara to Vera, “Yes. Do you know her?”

“Everyone knows her. She usually works on the pediatrics floor but fills in on other floors when they need help.”

“Why don’t you know her?” Billy asked Vera, raising his voice.

“Because Vera just transferred here from the south facility.” Picking up the phone, Barbara held her finger up and spoke, “Can you ask Rachael to come up to four south, nurse’s station eight?...Thank you.”

“Rachael’s on her way up.”

“Okay. Thank you. If you don’t mind, I’m going to wait in Alexandra’s room.”

Before she could answer, he walked into her room, sitting down next to her. Tomorrow, no matter what, he was taking Alexandra home with him. The doctor had said she needed a few days rest. He’d make sure she got all the rest she needed with him by her side. This hospital thing gave him an eerie feeling.

“You’re looking for me Billy?”

Billy turned around and sighed in relief. Sure enough, there stood Rachael, who had helped him out last week.

“Yes,” he nodded his head. “You took such good care of me and Alexandra last night, that I wanted to thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Rachael walked over to Billy and touched his shoulder. “Don’t worry, everything is going to be okay.”


Billy didn’t sleep the whole night. He sat slumped in the chair next to her bed. At one point, he could have sworn that someone was watching them. He kept saying to himself that it was his imagination running wild, but knew better. His instinct told him something was going on beneath the surface.

A tall lanky gray haired doctor walked into the room. “Good morning Mr. Donovan.” Extending his hand, “I’m so happy to finally meet you.”

Billy stood and took his hand confused. “Nice to meet you.” Dropping his eyes to his nametag, his heart dropped. “You’re Doctor Reynolds? What happened to Dr. Harris?”

“Doctor Harris had a family emergency down in Florida. We both did the surgery.”

“Then who was the doctor that came here yesterday morning?” Billy asked, pointing to the chart handing on the bottom of her bed.

“Hmm…let me take a look.”

Billy watched Doctor Harris open the chart, then review it with a dumbfounded look on his face.

“I’m sorry Mr. Donovan, but I don’t know who Dr. Adams is.”

“I want you to release Alexandra. I’ll take her home and took care of her.”

“There’s no reason why she’s here. The surgery to remove the bullet wasn’t complicated, and what she needs is some physical therapy.” Taking his prescription pad out of his pocket, he scribbled on a few pages and handed them to Billy. “This is an antibiotic, and this is the script for physical therapy.”

“Thank you.” Billy walked over to Alexandra and kissed her forehead. “Hey wake up sleepyhead. You’re going home.”

Alexandra opened her eyes and huge smile appeared on her lips. “Really?” Looking at Billy, “You’re taking me home?”

“How are you feeling Alexandra?” Doctor Harris asked.

“Fine. Eager to go home,” she replied, sitting up on the bed.

“Yes, right now.”

“I’ll have your release papers ready by the time you are dressed, ” Doctor Harris said before leaving the room.

Alexandra got out of bed and walked right into Billy’s arms. “I can’t wait to be home in your arms.”

“Neither can I.”

While Alexandra got dressed, Billy wondered what the hell was going on. The first step was getting her the hell out of the hospital. Something wasn’t right here. He wondered who the hell the doctor was that came into her room the day before. Things weren’t adding up. Maybe it was time to go down to the police precinct and speak to the officers in charge of Alexandra’s case. But first, he had to get Alexandra home.

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  1. Karen, The suspense is really building. Great scene and good details on setting. I liked the way you wove in the subplot.

  2. Liking the story more and more.

  3. I love the way Billy is so protective of Alexandra. I'm glad he is going to the precinct. Let's hope they can help.

  4. Love the foreshadowing danger here. You've got me on edge with people appearing and disappearing. I feel Billy' worry and anxiety. Well done! Now I want to find out what' going on, too.

  5. I can't wait to find out more the tension sure is building.

  6. There is so much tension here you can almost cut it with a knife. I hope Billy finds out what's going on and soon