Monday, June 18, 2012

Tuesday Tales - Name of a City

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tales. I'd like to thank all my fans and followers. I can't tell you how happy I am that everyone is enjoying the adventures of Billy and Alexandra. Please stop by TUESDAY TALES to read the other wonderful tales by a group of talented authors.

The traffic was horrendous coming down two lane Richmond Hill Road, other wise known as Snake Hill to native Staten Islanders. Billy drove along the curves a little faster than he should have, causing his car to sway from side to side. There was no time to waste. He had to get back home to Alexandra before she realized he was gone. Along the way, he could have sworn that someone was following him. His paranoia was getting the better if him.

He had called Angelo earlier, asking him if he was putting the squeeze on him. All Angelo did was laugh on the other end of the phone before hanging up. This had gotten totally out of control. He could have sworn the black BMW sedan behind him had tailed him the whole time. What the hell?

How much more did he have to pay for mistakes he made a long time ago? And what should he do? He kept his eye on the black sedan. When the light turned red, he slowed down and went through it. He watched the sedan hesitate for a few seconds before going through the light too. Now he knew what needed to be done. He had to drop the trail and get home to Alexandra. They’d talk this over, then go back down to the police precinct.

No way would he let anything happen to Alexandra. It seemed all he did was drive around in circles. That’s it. He drove through Todt Hill Road, in and out of the side streets. He knew these streets like the back of his hand while he delivered pizza to make extra money. He would lose the sedan.

Billy stepped on the gas and raced through the narrow streets. When he came out onto Richmond Road, the black sedan wasn’t behind him. By the next light, he glanced into his rearview mirror and sure enough, there was the sedan.

This had to stop. Billy took his cell phone off the dashboard and dialed the number to the 120. “Is Detective Gallo in?’ he asked turning down another street.

“Hold on, I’ll transfer you.”

Before he could answer he was put on hold. “Damn it.” He slammed his hand on the steering wheel, keeping his eyes on the black sedan following him.


“Detective Gallo, this is Billy Davidson. I need your help,” he mumbled into the phone as if the person in the sedan behind him could hear his words.

“What can I do for you?”

“A car has been following for the past twenty minutes.”

“Are you being paranoid?”

“No,” Billy lashed out. “I went through all the side streets. He is still here. I can see the license plate. CAK 2012A.”

“Can you see who’s driving?”

“No. The windows are tinted. I’m worried about Alexandra. Can you meet me at her house?”


“I fear for her safety. And I have other information about my past, which I think will be relevant to what’s going on.”

“I’ll be there in five minutes.”

Bang. “Holy shit. The sedan just banged into the back of my car. Please get to Alexandra as soon as possible.” Bang.


After the untimely death of her husband in the line of duty, Nikki Petrino still grieving three years later, goes on retreat to Mexico to finish her novel, where she meets musician Drake Dente a 90’s rock icon working on lyrics for his comeback CD.

After meeting at dinner, Drake and Nikki can’t keep their eyes off each other. Sparks fly and they instantly became an item. Upon returning to New York for Nikki’s high school reunion, she learns shocking events from her best friends.

After a misunderstanding, Nikki is missing and Drake is desperate to track her down.

Roses is available at:

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  1. Another teasing end to your offering this week. Great 'tale'

  2. Forget the teasing end, the tension is so fantastic I could feel my chest tighten as I read through the story

  3. Wow the suspense is really building up in this story. Hope Alexandra will be safe.